why fabolous hem up shiggy like this?

it was all good on july 21st when this pic was takem…
now if i had just been accused of alleged domestic abuse,
by allegedly knocking my vixen’s teeth out,
i wouldn’t be doing the following.
especially when you are a celeb and the feds are watching.
by feds,
i mean EVERYONE who owns a phone with a camera.
so fabolous was caught pressing shiggy on worldstar.
maybe this was friendly banter

shiggy look like he mouthed the words:

“yo get him off me bro”

i mean it could have been harmless,
even with fab and the “we in public” face on.
some of ya’ll know that face.
your father may have used it on you.
while your mama will give you “the look” in public,
your father will grab that collar and snatch you up with a smile.
all the while he whispering:

“come here…
aaah so you tryna be a tough guy out here?
i will knock your lights out.
matta fact,
we gonna have a talk later.”

this is your face once he let go:

that reminds me of what was happening.

lowkey: the only time i want a wolf to put his paws on me like that is during roleplay with a heavy safe word.
i do like it when he do it when he gotta press someone tho.
i find that shit sexy af.

10 thoughts on “why fabolous hem up shiggy like this?

  1. I met Fab a few times over the course of 15 years. Nigga was a straight asshole each time. So this isn’t surprising. Pretty sure Shiggy made a joke and in typical hood nigga style. Fab wasn’t having it. You know those types are always moody

  2. Will someone quickly explain who this “Shiggy” is other than popularizing the whole KiKi dance and gettin’ in-person props from Drake?…like, why is he consequential for this to even be happening?

  3. its Obvious these two were joking around I’m sure u can see Fab’s smile at the end & the while video is on shiggy’s ig! If was being yoked up & threatened I wouldn’t have the video on my ig

    1. I agree, it didn’t look serious. However, anything Fabulous does will and needs to be under a microscope since he is an abuser.

  4. So the body guard just sitting there watching & smiling?

    Anyways I wonder what the exchange was between them to get here.

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