why fabolous hem up shiggy like this?

it was all good on july 21st when this pic was takem…
now if i had just been accused of alleged domestic abuse,
by allegedly knocking my vixen’s teeth out,
i wouldn’t be doing the following.
especially when you are a celeb and the feds are watching.
by feds,
i mean EVERYONE who owns a phone with a camera.
so fabolous was caught pressing shiggy on worldstar.
maybe this was friendly banter
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O-Cakes, How You Gonna Hate From Outside The Club Tho?


remember this?
well how could you forget?
miguel became an instant hit since last night.
they wore that ass out.
every social network had a piece.
all in all,
it was good publicity and everyone knows who he is… for real.
an f-bi just sent me a tweet about our fav,
allegedly hating on miguel with a sub tweet last night…

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