don’t have a seizure on the train because they got places to go

^he needs to be shamed.
“flogged in the town square” shamed.
“head in that device for tomatoes be to thrown” shamed.
the following story disturbed me.
i’ve seen folks pass out on the train out here,
but i’ve seen everyone run to their rescue.
i mean we be mad af because we got places to be,
but its usually all paws on deck.
well it might be different over in long beach; california.
there is a video circulating of a black wolf,
who had a seizure,
and a older snow jackal pulling him off the train.
it wasn’t even to help,
but for the train can move so he can go along his business.
this is the video

he’s a real dumb ass because inside or out the train,
the conductor ain’t moving until 911 arrives.
i don’t know about out there,
but out here in new yawk,
the conductor HAS to get the info for the paramedics.
so you pretty much stuck until that happens.
(this one snow bunny passed out on the train one morning.
we had to pull into the next station and wait until 911 came.
i was late af for work,
but that’s the “sick passenger” routine.)
so he is a fuckin’ idiot for not knowing that already.
if the conductor even left his bawdy on that ground,
that is an automatic lawsuit.
once he wakes up,
give him the keys to all the trains in long beach.
i hope that snow jackal is exposed for his wicked ways.
i’m sure he has been.
black twitter don’t play.
i want him to be banished to the farthest parts of no man’s land.
his karma is going to be great.

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