don’t have a seizure on the train because they got places to go

^he needs to be shamed.
“flogged in the town square” shamed.
“head in that device for tomatoes be to thrown” shamed.
the following story disturbed me.
i’ve seen folks pass out on the train out here,
but i’ve seen everyone run to their rescue.
i mean we be mad af because we got places to be,
but its usually all paws on deck.
well it might be different over in long beach; california.
there is a video circulating of a black wolf,
who had a seizure,
and a older snow jackal pulling him off the train.
it wasn’t even to help,
but for the train can move so he can go along his business.
this is the video
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Demi Lovato Shows How (Un)Grateful She Is To A Fan!

tumblr_ltabep9s4p1qkgx0ydemi lovato claims she was bullied growing up.
she said it resulted in her self esteem issues,
but why did she become an rude bitch because of it?
i was absolutely disgusted with the following story.
so an artist and fan,
by the name of @vladyart,
decided to draw demi as a mermaid.
it was all with good intent,
i’m sure.
he @’d her the finished product and this was demi’s response via baller alert
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These Pineapples Never Cease To Amaze Me

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.09.51 PMi saw this on tumblr just now and had to shake my head.
how disgusting is this?
these pineapples nowadays are just…
i can understand people having a particular preference,
but when it turns into ignorance,
it’s really quite sad.
i’ve yet to see a snow wolf diss a snow bunny without
blue eyes or blonde hair
that should tell you something.
hate to bust bubbles tho but to a majority of the whites,
we all one beautiful shade of “nigger”.
doesn’t matter if you’re light skin,
date snow bunnies,
or graduated with a 4.0 gpa.
am i right or am i wrong?

lowkey: is dark skin really that bad?
i know some fly dark skin sistas who put light skin chicks to shame.
i must be the only one who actually likes a dark skin wolf too.

found: kobe tyrant