Your 45th Thought… (45)

do people do shit like this to get youtube hits?
social media has done to hell.
obama’s re-election has made the true colors fly out of people also…


“2 Ignorant Students At The University Of Minnesota Take A L For This!”

no matter what complexion,
you still a “nigger” to some of these white people…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Your 45th Thought… (45)”

  1. I can’t watch it again. I was so pissed of when I first saw it. I can’t believe that people are still being this cruel.

  2. smh my parents say the same thing you can be a nigger no matter the skin color. to me they are trailer park trash and obviously they copying off that other girl on youtube who made that hateful obama video callin him all kinda of niggers. i couldnt watch it i was too disgusted but i always have known about this type of shit

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