The Twists and Turns of The Rubik Cube In My Head

tumblr_m9jl0fgSZz1rf7qhpo1_500_largei sometimes like to live in my head
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Your 45th Thought… (45)

do people do shit like this to get youtube hits?
social media has done to hell.
obama’s re-election has made the true colors fly out of people also…

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Your 44th Thought… (44)

black friday has also brought the freaks in aisle 69….

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Your 43rd Thought… (43)

i don’t know if you have seen this video:


celebration… of hood wolf/hybrid/and fox antics in california.
but, this picture from the video has been circulating online and i had to ask…

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Your 42nd Thought… (42)

i saw this comic and it really struck with me.
i found it very interesting.
i had to share

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Your Fifth Thought: Blue Edition (5)

Another EXCITING match up.

I think you’ll know why this one is a special edition.

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