don’t have a seizure on the train because they got places to go

^he needs to be shamed.
“flogged in the town square” shamed.
“head in that device for tomatoes be to thrown” shamed.
the following story disturbed me.
i’ve seen folks pass out on the train out here,
but i’ve seen everyone run to their rescue.
i mean we be mad af because we got places to be,
but its usually all paws on deck.
well it might be different over in long beach; california.
there is a video circulating of a black wolf,
who had a seizure,
and a older snow jackal pulling him off the train.
it wasn’t even to help,
but for the train can move so he can go along his business.
this is the video
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Breezy Wolf Raises From The Dead

breezywolfissuesas you all know,
or may not,
breezy wolf aka chris brown had a seizure yesterday and was admitted into the hospital.
allegedly he has had seizures since he was a child.
i had a dream about him the night before which was weird.
did all this drug use trigger something? i wonder what triggered it?
that was his tweet ( x ) today.
i need him to get his life together.
as much as a talent he is,
and has had a lot of potential,
he isn’t built for the fire.
maybe this retirement maybe a good thing?
wishing you well
from the foxhole breezy.