la la anthony is about to be on her freshly divorced hot vixen summer shit

one thing about us cancers:

We will hang on to folks who are no good for us.

in the same breath,
folks who are no good for us love to hang on to us too.
they know we are loyal and some of us can be “nice“.
you’ll know when a cancer is truly fed tf up and over it.
our “move on” can be quiet but the next step is to:

Go inside our shells to sharpen our claws.

la la anthony has tried to hold onto her husband,
carmelo anthony.
even after he had ( x an alleged outside kid ),
la la still stuck by his side.
it seems she is finally done

La La Anthony has filed for divorce from husband Carmelo Anthony after almost 11 years of marriage, PEOPLE can confirm.

The Power star, 41, and the Portland Trail Blazers athlete, 37, tied the knot in 2010. The two share 14-year-old son Kiyan.

La La, 41, submitted the divorce papers on Thursday in New York, citing irreconcilable differences, according to TMZ, which was first to report the news.

the alleged bts drama was gossip of outside twins to add to his roster:


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melo seems to love raw sex,
but doesn’t understand what usually cums afterward.


la la needs to move forward tbh.
i think that marriage has been over.
not just cancers,
need to realize that when something is over then it’s over.
no amount of social media flexing will make it work.
i see so many people trying to make toxic relationships works.

How many honeymoon phases do you plan on going through until you realize it’s a done deal?

the crazy part is when they finally leave,
they meet the person who compliments them 110%.
for cancers tho,
we need to make the first step when things are done because we love to hold on.
it’s the hope it’ll get better that is our downfall.
let’s hope la la is done because melo seems to be.

lowkey: kim kardashian and her are both gonna be divorced this year.
they’re best friends and the turn up is about to be epic.
new dick; who dis?

article cc: people

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3 thoughts on “la la anthony is about to be on her freshly divorced hot vixen summer shit”

  1. Do these athletes and entertainers share std results with potential partners? There is a LOT of unprotected sex happening in the entertainment industry…

  2. Lala & Kim K about to have a hot girl summer, but miss Lala ain’t innocent it’s well known she wasn’t settling for anyone that wasn’t a paid baller & she preyed on Melo since he was 19 fresh in the league.

  3. Yep, those crazy Cancers. You gotta love em. Just don’t try bs us. We are psychic and usually light years ahead of the games dummies try and play. And LaLa was discreet, if she cheated. In other news, ” I wonder are people testing or receiving vaccination for Covid before hooking up”? I have a friend who never stopped creeping with his married trade the entire span of the pandemic. Dick or pussy is not worth the risk of contracting Covid, at least in my opinion it’s not.

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