he wanted to smoke a cigarette and smoke a pole while his wife was in the crib?

you never know what’s happening next door.
you think you know people until your security camera catches them


i had to go all caps,
but a foxholer sent me this on twitter and…

if this is a legit situation,
cause you know folks love to create a story in a description,
but imagine if she walked outside and caught him?
ay yi yi.
you know what my biggest issue with situations like this is?

If your butt cheeks or mouth have a hunger for penis,
why even lead some vixen on?

even if you’re bi,
your wife/girl should know you like suckin’ dick on the back porch.
it’s just better to stay under the radar and be private to do whatever you want tbh.
i think the biggest issue is males HAVE to check all boxes in order to look straight.
you know looking straight is a big deal since it fools idiots.
if you’re not married or have kids at a certain age,
folks start whispering.
my thing is:

Is it better to get married,
have kids,
flex this relationship all over the place,
and then get caught up for suckin’ dick?

…or the “guess who is gay? i am!” announcement after 20+ years of marriage.
i’d imagine that would be a much worse and embarrassing outcome.
males are forced to be this way so no one should be shocked at the lies we have to tell.

lowkey: i didn’t know you could see what your neighbors are doing on the “neighbor’s app”?
or any other neighborhoods for that matter.
i thought citizens app was too much but sheesh.

2 thoughts on “he wanted to smoke a cigarette and smoke a pole while his wife was in the crib?

  1. To be married and have kids while secretly having sex with men on the side for yearrrsss…I just wonder like how do you get that deep? I remember talking to this one guy who later told me he was married and how trapped/miserable he felt. It was kinda sad but that didn’t stop him from tryna fuck Smh.

    1. Societal pressures is a mutherfucka. Causing these dudes to be closet, frustrated and involving other people in their bullshit, bc they cant be ‘themselves’. So, they are willing to ruin lives to keep their secret

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