how to not be good at damage control when you’re a homophobic and shitty family (tyler)

there are some families that are good at damage control.
they get into some shit but will stand together as a united front.
they are so good at it that we end up forgetting what happened.

The family of Tyler isn’t good at damage control.

as you know,
tyler was being assaulted and abused for being gay.
they even shaved “gay” in his head as some kind of punishment.
( x see story here )
lemme add a foxhole fav gif here:

they tried to do damage control for all the bad press with tyler and…


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“just say it n*gga” in the background.

are they dumb or are they stupid?
i keep saying they shouldn’t have given some of these pineapple’s camera phones,
but we need it so we can report on stories like this.
i love that “@gayemagazine” is on their ass cheeks HARD.
when they get major updates,
i plan on following up with the alley-oop.

Folks are trying to get Tyler out of that abusive ass situation

…and until then,
we gonna keep our whole foots on that family’s neck.
once this hits national news:


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12 thoughts on “how to not be good at damage control when you’re a homophobic and shitty family (tyler)”

  1. Black people who shame their kids or anyone for being gay are the biggest faggots their is. When you wrote that entry about your father calling you disappointed in your sexuality it fueled me because I knew his reasons were purely sexual and cruel. I’m highly disappointed in black people and by black people on a constant with what they let slide and what they’re actually okay with. Black people today let the curses fester and call you crazy when you don’t have to put up with their shit

  2. This enraged me. I’d pay to beat the entire fuk out of every adult that participated/didn’t step in. THIS is that trauma we normalize and end up carrying leftovers from.

  3. Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown commented that Atlanta Police and DFACS are investigating this incident.

    Maybe Tyler has some extended family members who aren’t close minded and homophobic like his immediate family, who can take him in.I fear for his safety in this household.Sadly there are countless Tylers who are dealing with this abuse behind closed doors.I’m praying that they don’t give up on life,that they remain hopeful that things will get better.

  4. This is abusive, but clearly everyone begging for CPS to intervene have no experience with what children endure in foster homes, especially feminine black boys. You think foster parents that likely have multiple children to look after and other foster kids that have likely been abused themselves are going to be any safer for him?

    So what’s the solution? More of y’all queer and gay men volunteering at schools, becoming foster parents in states that will allow you to do so, and getting involved in Big Brother programs and creating programs where y’all can mentor and at least get these kids away from homes that may not be so accepting even if it’s just for a weekend.

    Retweets and calls to CPS where he’ll become a case number no one checks on after they take him out of the home is not going to cut it for him and those in similar situations.

    1. I have to agree with you. I was wondering also, that if he is removed, where would he find a real safe refuge. I pray he will make it through and be okay. Ghetto Gorilla ass Mammy needs her musty dusty rear end kicked in.

  5. The physical and psychological terrorism of this child is heartbreaking. What’s even more heartbreaking is that it is his supposed “family” that is doing this to him. No child–NONE–should be subjected to mistreatment like this, and it is a good thing that people have reported his relatives to local children’s human services authorities. These people should not be around children, their own, others’ or their siblings like this little boy, given how they’re behaving. I know many of us gay/LGBTQ people grow up with homophobia and transphobia still, and you can see in this child’s face, body language and demeanor what it is doing to him. I pray they do not crush his soul and spirit, because they are on their way to doing so, which is their goal.

  6. Um, he’s literally being told what to say in the IG video. He is one person in a family of disfunction where this type of stuff is okay.

  7. I wouldn’t expect less from these ghetto uneducated folk, peep the damn brother in the background “Jus say it nigga” …. deep sigh you couldn’t write this shit! I just hope for the best for this young boy

  8. Poor ,poor kid. He has no idea that he is a victim. Guys this is one of the times that A “posting on social media ” may help save a life! I pray some agency intervenes. Poor young gay males like him has no Church or “Black Village” that will harbor him.

    There is so much more that has been going on in his young life at the Hands… wait … ( Correction) “CLAWS”…. of these Deranged , Incestuous, Demons he believes is his family.

  9. Tyler appears to be literate and articulate. He also seems to have become TOTALLY accustomed to receiving and accepting abuse and doing damage control to defend his abusers. Good luck Tyler. It’s your time to spread your wing’s and fly the fuck away from your Mammy and her team of Bee Bee shotted, nappy head ass Bugrats that are supposed to be your brother and sister.

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