Carmelo Anthony Is A Lookin Ass (You Get The Idea)

CRMELOANTcarmelo anthony is looking better these days.
i was surprised how much weight he has lost when i saw him at all star.
he is lookin’ less” ninja turtle” in the face.
the facial hair helps too.
go melo.
anyway so everyone is talkin’ about carmelo today.
he played against the memphis grizzles last night and this happened…

he was dapped up some chick and then turned to look at:

Ass-Clap3he’s a man.
isn’t that what we all do?
vixens act like they don’t look at fine men either.
people are saying it was a groupie he knew that he probably smashed that night.
some are saying it was disrespectful to lala.
it looked like he was shook her hand,
he grasped how attractive she was,
and got caught looking at her bunz.
what’s the problem?
maybe i missing it.
well at least he wasn’t lookin’ at a dude.

lowkey: i know some people who been around melo.
he has enough alleged “fun” back in ny as is.
i’ll leave it at that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony Is A Lookin Ass (You Get The Idea)”

  1. I’ve always liked Melo. Nothing wrong with checking somebody out, and I hope that’s all he is doing. I like Lala and him together.

  2. He gave her a double take. She was cute tho. It’s nothing wrong with looking. If I was in a relationship and I was not out with my significant other, I’d look at other men and women, but I won’t touch.

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