so i should accept his ho’s child he created while cheating on me?

how would you feel if your boyfriend/husband,
cheated on you with a vixen on some truly random shit,
and ended up getting her pregnant?
i’m sure that’s what lala anthony had to ponder a couple years ago.
as you know,
or didn’t,
carmelo anthony cheated and planted a seed in someone else.
after a long separation,
and him begging all over social media,
lala decided to give him another chance.
well folks are mad about something lala is doing.
this is the tweet that went viral…

i don’t care how sexy carmelo may be,
he would be in the whole trash.

i’m sure it would take me a while to get back with him too.
he went and brought a whole nother life into this world.
i’ll be constantly reminded of it as i watch him pay child support.


lala doesn’t have to accept shit.
i don’t know why the baby mama feels so entitled to that right.
there will be no play dates and carpooling to soccer practice.
give her the child support and consider me “beyonce” to the bullshit.
if i even catch him writing more than:

“The money should be in your account next month…”

…consider his head knocked clean off his shoulders.
put yourself in lala’s shoes

Would you accept your boyfriend/husband bastard child?

i highly doubt it.

16 thoughts on “so i should accept his ho’s child he created while cheating on me?

  1. 1. She has a right not to accept
    2. The fact is the child is not going away and what will they both do if the child grows up looking to be part of his life or if a medical issue causes Carmelo to want or need to be involved
    3. Will Carmelo regret this stance or rese t LaLa later, causing more marital issues
    4. ignoring something doesnt make it go away. i just hope they deal with the emotional issues that come with infidelity and now a permanent reminder
    5. She may need time or may never accept the child. Hope they are ready to deal with all that comes with it

  2. The fact of the matter is babies are blessings NOT bastards, no matter how they get here. Every girl needs their father in her life. I agree that Lala doesn’t have to accept the child but Carmelo definitely needs to play a role in her life, he knew the consequences of stepping out on his wife. FOH calling babies bastards based on the actions of their parents. I’m SHOCKED Jamari

      1. I am college educated unlike others, so I know exactly what “bastard” means. Its the optics of the word, why not just say illegitimate instead of bastard.

        1. I wouldn’t accept shit but most likely I wouldn’t be back with him either. It’s one thing to break our vows for some random ass but you bring another life in this world, umm hell nah. If we was dating then perhaps (I’m trying to be open minded) but not married.

          Now if you decide to take said cheater back then you need to make peace and amends with what he did and that is accepting the child and being cordial to the other party involved. You can’t have it both ways and it’s wrong to punish a child that has shit to do with anything. The little girl needs her father and if you love him then you have to love her. Lala is being petty and caught up in her emotions instead of being a grown ass woman about the situation.

          1. Amen speak on it. That baby did not do shit to her. Either accept it All or walk away. Don’t for it all. Regardless of whatever that little girl is her son’s sibling….facts!!

          2. I agree with both comments. The child had nothing to do with how she came into this world. The mother knew Carmelo was married, and Carmelo knew that he shouldn’t be stepping out on his wife and breaking his vows. Lala and these other wives of athletes and entertainers are good. You know good and well that there are thots out there looking to secure a lifestyle of the rich and famous for themselves, and they will fuck the husband/boyfriend to get it. If dude did it once, chances are he will do it again. If a child comes out of it, you need to move on. There’s no coming back…”til death do us part” be damned!
            I’ll take my alimony payments and keep it moving. You won’t make me look the fool.

            Now that Carmelo has a daughter especially, he DEFINITELY needs to be in her life. Let her grow up and establish a relationship with his son, because god forbid something happens to the parent(s), they will have one another. I can only hope that the parents are mature enough to not be petty in a situation like this, They don’t have to interact, but let the kids get to know their siblings.

        2. Excuse me, how do you know that others aren’t college educated? Get over yourself.
          PS bastard is harsh, but it is appropriate for this story, because thats most likely how LALA sees this side baby.

  3. Lala has every right to be mad, and that side chick knew he was married when she was fucking with him!!! It’s not the child’s fault that her parents are fucked up!! She’s a hoe/He’s a hoe!! Next time get you a boi Carmelo!

  4. I guess it depends on what you mean by “accept”. If Lala doesn’t want anything to do with the child then that’s her priority. However, if she is actively stopping Carmelo or their child from forming a relationship with his daughter then that’s a different issue.

  5. I agree with everything you said. She aint got to accept shit and I wouldnt either.

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