so i should accept his ho’s child he created while cheating on me?

how would you feel if your boyfriend/husband,
cheated on you with a vixen on some truly random shit,
and ended up getting her pregnant?
i’m sure that’s what lala anthony had to ponder a couple years ago.
as you know,
or didn’t,
carmelo anthony cheated and planted a seed in someone else.
after a long separation,
and him begging all over social media,
lala decided to give him another chance.
well folks are mad about something lala is doing.
this is the tweet that went viral…
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Somehow I Keep Throwing Down Jokers

You see your opponents.
Always try to keep that game face on.
They can read any sudden weakness.
You have all the cards babe,
so hit em where it hurts.
Just make sure you throw the right ones out on the table.
You see all that bounty on that table?
That can be yours.
Well now it your turn…
So, which one will you throw out to keep you in the game?

The dating world can be like a game of poker.
It takes some good card plays and keen observation to win.
It’s just… well, you been losing each time you sit on at that table.
Another game; another loss.
Your poker face has now diminished,
so now I got to ask…

Are you tired of playing?

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