abuse can go two ways

i want to font to you about abuse.
i’m sure a majority of us have been abused before.
you can tell by how some of us treat others.
either we become emphatic or end up like our abusers.
abuse isn’t always physical.
sometimes there isn’t a black eye or a broken bone.
there are many types of abuse,
but to narrow it down


aggressive abuse is loud.
it’s always in your face.
it can be with words or fists.
the abuser has no issues blackin’ out on you in public places.
those types will scream or hit you with people around.
they don’t care about what others think of them.
those types are harder to escape once you leave.

passive is subtle,
but they want set traps to get into your head.
they will manipulate you as things go on.
you start feeling like you need them more than they need you.
once you do something that upsets them,
they will go ghost.
sidebar: ghosting is a huge abuse tactic.
other tactics will freeze you out and make other people turn on you.
they’ll have you feeling like you did something wrong.
they like to see you beg for them.
when they feel they got you,
they’ll come back to make sure they have that hold on you.

both types use “love bombing” as a weapon.
if it’s someone you’re dating,
the sex is always extra passionate.
they “make up” fuck you like they hate you.
they actually do.

Abusers want control

and being with “them”.
if they can’t control you,
they’re powerless.
which is why certain folks don’t get abused.
they give off the aura of “i don’t play that shit“.
abusers either avoid or bow down.

once you find the strength to leave,
the abuser will continue to hover.
they won’t always leave you alone once you move on.
“i miss you” and “i’ve changed” will be all you hear.
abusive folks don’t change.
it’s all words to the wind.
even if they got professional help,
i still wouldn’t trust them.

abuse can happen with damn near anyone.
i’ve seen the ugly destroy as much as i’ve seen the good looking ones.
vixens can be abusive to other males as well.
an example:

please learn early to spot the signs of abuse.
it isn’t always with another male.
it can be your parents or your “friends“.

Folks are low-key abusing others out here

more often than not,
it’s how the other person makes you feel inside.

and UN-healed hearts bring about the most dependent in all of us.
abusive folks can sniff those things out and start to play their games.
i’ve seen “strong” folks be brought down over time too.
if you gonna leave then leave.
stop playing that “you know i”m better than the rest” shit.

.there has been a lot of “abuse” going on as of late,
especially in entertainment:
a perfect example of aggressive and passive abuse.
that shit isn’t cute at all.

lowkey: some gay males can be very abusive too.
some of us can play “frenemy” very well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “abuse can go two ways

      1. This is true and it is unfortunate that this happen. I don’t know why I don’t expect women to be abusive but I am wrong

  1. Women are huge abusers. They project their shit onto you. Or make comments that get into your head. Like the mama who says stuff like “stop walking like a sissy” to a 7 year old. Or baby moms who say shit like “i’ll cut this baby out of your life”. It’s a mind game with them. My mom is like that. They try to break you. Women are vicious. Once I moved outta her house, it became “how’s everything?” calls and bible scripture texts. I didn’t get that when she was stomping on my self esteem daily and belittling me. Now. That video. He was stuck and you can tell he didn’t know what to do.

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