the addiction that is a marvin bienaime shoot

i like your work God…
so marvin bienaime is an evil genius.
this is in a good way,
i was fonting with one of my foxholers in dms recently.
we both agreed that marvin knows how to make these wolves shine.
as soon as they get in front of his camera,
he knows how to make us cum
he posted a recent bts shot with some foxhole favs:

marshun cooper
joshua benoit

take a peek…

i imagined that was my cake on their plates.
some bts from marshun and charlie:

can i be honest foxhole?
this might get me trouble,

Outside of alla this,
they’re all incredibly…

marvin knows their right angles and how to make them “it”.
he has a talent in showcasing all they worked hard on,
but when you follow them outside of the marvin bienaime studio…

charlie – lip-syncs to songs,
gets a haircut

marshun– posts boomerangs and works out

joshuai don’t even think i’ve heard him speak

it seems like they all do these shots for thirst trap purposes.
it’s insta-attention until the hype dies down.
it’s not to promote anything outside of getting pussy and insta-fame.

What else are they doing?

the better question:

What are we “fans” of exactly?

they don’t have much talent for us to cheer on.
they haven’t become the “face” or “bawdy” of a product.
i mean,
for past models,
marvin use to get them “essence” interviews and extra work on shows.
we know NOTHING about them.
these shoots seem like an addiction to those he works with.
this is not to throw shade at them,
because they’re very attractive and delicious,
but i’d like to see more of “something”.
i get that licking the frosting off a spoon gets us all riled up…

That can get old really quick too.

no hate as i’m a fan of the work,
but it is something to think about.

lowkey: maybe the twist is we’re addicted to it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “the addiction that is a marvin bienaime shoot”

  1. Um, I think you’re giving Miss Lip Gloss too much praise. 🙄

    If I hired you to take photos of my Lamborghini I seriously doubt you could take a bad photo. My point is, these men are already gorgeous. Any photographer could make them “shine.”

      1. @Jamari

        😆 I will be forever salty at that stunt queen. but I will concede to your assertion that he does present these gentlemen in a *cough* complementary light.

        That’s all he’ll get from me.

  2. If we are being honest …Marvin is a talented photographer…for sure. I find his artistic practices, however, questionable. These naked shoots —-buff IG models glistening and eating 🍽 cake wedges (sexy as they maybe)— are not for the general audience. For those reasons, I question his motives.

  3. Their beautiful bodies are all well and good, but give me a a guy with brains too!!! A lot of these guys are too self-absorbed with no future goals planned.

  4. Omg! A word ! I thought it was just me ! I remember seeing some awesome photoshoot with a tagged model , going to said model’s page and it was nothing but gym workout vids and tumbleweeds and a lot of them are like that..😑

    1. I know the feeling lol. Seeing a picture of a fine ass dude and then going to his page only to see most of his posts consist of gym workout videos and supplement promo. To each their own but it bores me so I tend to not follow those guys. I just admire their photoshoot images from a distance

  5. They are like the other 90% of straight insta models who know they look good and knows that these delusional gays will throw them a dollar or two if they just lick their lips. They ain’t fooling nobody (well me at least)

  6. So I caught a live Marvin did with Charlie & Marshun & it definitely gave “waiting to run a train on Marvin” teas.
    P.S. They only read all the thirsty female comments none of the men but I bet those are their biggest “donators”

    1. Nah. Those old women pay big money!! He sells those 10 seconds nude clips for like $150 and they are buying it 😂

  7. We are fans of him as a photographer and how he captures men. He presents them through the gaze of someone who likes athletic-muscular-bodybuilder type men and makes them look tasty in the process. I don’t mind them only having workout vids on their Instagram seeing as fitness is one of my interests. I feel like if you are only a fan and not someone creating content involving models then there is no reason to follow them. But do creators and artists, this advertises these men to them.

  8. Marvin is so weird to me. Yes he’s making moves and congrats to him but something is off. 🧐

  9. Thank you that is what I been saying Jamari! They are nothing but Kim Kardashian’s just selling sex. Promoting no products doing nothing to better the community! I’m over Marvin and his brothel of men who do nothing for us

    1. ^they should have all been construction workers or something.
      focus on the sweat on their bawdies and lifting shit.
      drinking water and pouring it on their heads and bawdies

  10. A lot of these IG/ TWITTER hunks are EMPTY VESSELS. All muscle and No substance upstairs. Not my cup of tea. They do NOTHING for me.

  11. So called straight guys that swear up and down that their not gay and will holler the moment a gay guy gives them any kind of attention!! They do nothing for the lbgt community, but we’re they’re biggest fan base. Stop supporting these guys!! O’Dell Beckam, Dewayne Wade, these type of dudes I’ll support.

  12. I’m not that invested. They ain’t getting a red cent from me but I’ll look at the goods then move on to whatever. Moral of the story: being thirsty will leave you dehydrated.

    Charlie sold it better, the other 2 look corny!

  13. Yall sound salty ass fuck…..who cares what they do on their social media. Their looks are what got your attention in the first place.

    Yall want these straight dudes to sell you a fantasy like porn or some….they’re market to women not Gay thirsty men.

    Quit featuring them if they are so boring….u gives these dudes just as much exposure as Marvin for free.

    They present things that interest them on their pages, it dont matter what it maybe….thats their life.

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