diddy makes a pop up in cassie’s new life

i love when folks can move on from mess,
especially toxic mess.
cassie was in toxic mess for a number of years with diddy.
she finally left and looks so much happier with her new wolf,
alex fine,
who allegedly was diddy’s personal trainer.
cassie is pregnant with her first:

…and he is overjoyed.
diddy posted this

did she block his texts?
i’m sure he had to post it because it was all eyes on him.

diddy is very similar to chris brown.

They don’t know how to let go of the ones they’ve hurt

they will continue to hover in these folks lives after they’ve moved on,
even send flying monkeys and stalk ig pages.

flying monkeys (n): a person who spies on you for someone else.
they are used to tell someone how/what you’re doing.

 it’s all low key abuse.
either way,
cassie seems happier now.
alex might not be as rich as diddy,
but a peace of mind is usually better than any amount of money.

lowkey: when i’m done with you,
i’m done with you.
once you hurt a cancer,
you’re pretty much banished when we finally move on.

i wish you well and i’m off to the next adventure.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “diddy makes a pop up in cassie’s new life”

  1. I think it’s natural to kinda keep track of somebody you share a history with…Long as you not an asshole about it you know. Chris is usually an asshole about it. He is really like the song “Marvin’s Room” I know you can do better, but come be with me cause I’m selfish.

  2. Hmm, that Scorpio man will always hover, Cassie, until the day she leaves this earth. #widsomcomingfromataureanqueen👑

  3. See what happen when you leave that man that don’t want to give you the world! Get you a man who will give the universe and more

  4. She made sure to get preggo so Diddy could leave her tf alone! LOL! That is like the stamp that solidifies the moment a woman has fully moved on from a man. When she gets pregnant by the next dude.

    I’m happy for her also, Alex is cute. They’re well-suited. I’d watch a sextape with Alex and Cassie way before I watch one with Cassie and Diddy’s midlife crisis confused ass.

  5. He did that same shit to JLo if I am not mistaken. These wolves have all the money in he world, and still want what they can’t have.

    1. That’s true. It does not, but I’ve noticed that those who have it and do genuine things from the heart with it are continually blessed. Those who have it and use it for selfish purposes, generally have a string of bad luck and mishaps.

  6. Ppl always seem to forget she chose to stay in a relationship for 10 years that was going nowhere. She’s a grown ass woman and should have know. When to leave. Stop putting a cape on for her. I have no sympathy. Then you jump into a other relationship? Ppl need to learn how to be to be alone

  7. Life is short she wasted all of her 20s with Diddy.I’m glad she moved on and found someone who appreciates her,loves her…I read on Gossip in the City that they are also engaged.

  8. Preach Dante Preach! I’ll take it a step further Cassie was opportunistic when she got with Diddy there is a 17-year age difference between them. Diddy was supposed to make her a star and for whatever reason that never happened. What irritates me is that you have people on here suggesting that she wasted her 20’s with Puff, how? Puff is worth over $740 million dollars, Cassie got to eat at the best restaurants , wear the best designer clothes, attend the best parties, stay at the best hotels, meet interesting and well connected people if she played her cards right; for 12 years she got to live the life of luxury. What did y’all expect, I’m not trying to cape for Diddy but he obviously plays his relationships like a shrewd businessman I could be wrong but I doubt he was about to marry someone 17 years his junior; he has 6 children and when you have the kind of money that he has I’m pretty sure legacy and what you maybe leaving for your heirs comes into play. Honestly, Cassie is old enough to be his daughter, I mean that whole living situation had to be crazy, she’s practically the same age as his kids she’s 32 Quincy is 28, Justin’s 25, Christian is 21. Honestly, Cassie has to be kind of crazy in the head to spend 12 years with a guy whose almost a billionaire and leave to get with someone younger than you and have a baby with them in less than a year , and obligation that will tie you to that person for at least 18 years and in all reality the rest of your life

    1. Do the words master manipulator and mental abuser come to mind? I think that Diddy/Puffy/or whatever the fuck he wants to call himself, had a mental hold on this young lady. She was young enough for him to bring her around to his way of thinking. What person would stay in a relationship with someone who goes back and forth between her and the kids’ mom, AND another baby mama on the side? That’s a woman that is mentally beat down. She finally woke up and realized that what she had wasn’t worth shit, no matter how much she got to travel, have nice things, etc. god knows what she had to endure to get them. She never looked happy in pics with him.

      I always got “Sleeping with the Enemy” (it’s a movie for y’all that don’t know) vibes from that relationship. LOL

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with him congratulating her.

    It’s not like he’s being salty like Chris Brown.

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