would you have sex with me in “striking vipers”?

i wanted to font about “striking vipers” so bad when the foxhole was down.
i mean,
it had everyone talking.
i’m gonna font about it today since i didn’t get to.

i’m sure most of the foxhole has seen “striking vipers“.
it was one of the episodes of this latest season of “black mirror” on netflix.
it was a great mind fuck.
for those who didn’t watch,

You need to get on that ASAP

don’t read any further.
you definitely missed out on one of their best episodes.
the episode was about two male friends who started fuckin,
but not in real life.
they were fuckin as a male and female character in a virtual video game.


the crazy part is they didn’t identify as “gay” or “bi“.
it led me to wonder...

Did they just have feelings for each other?

when they kissed,
they claimed they didn’t feel any attraction.
they were only reliving their fantasies in the virtual world.
one ended up getting cut off and was fiending for that cyber pipe.

the one scene where he fucked him stupid against that wall

the passion!
that part turned me SOOOOO HEAVY.
he fucked the shit out of him…


I’d buy this game

first day of release with no fucks to give.
my character would be a big bootied heffa with a video vixen pony tail.
one of my powers would be clappin’ my butt cheeks that emits a sonic boom.
i kid.
i feel like many gays would lure curious males to experiment in that world.
they’d fight for a quick second and then they’d try their luck.
most males let their guards down while playing video games.
it might make the curious and dl more comfortable.
imagine the denials that would ensue:

“I ain’t gay!”

“You wasn’t sayin’ that when you was shootin’ up in these virtual walls tho.”

i had to wonder tho..

Would this allow males to stay closeted?

for some,
it would be looked at as heterosexual sex.
it wouldn’t technically be “gay” because it’s male and female.
once the game is off,
there would be no need to confront their sexuality or even have real sex.
they would leave all the experimenting in that world.
dare i say,
eventually becoming addicted to that cyber sex.

i’m sure sexually transmitted diseases would go all the way down.
imagine fucking your fantasy all night long,
with no protection,
 without even leaving your couch.
this is the future and it’s cummin’.

lowkey: imagine if your fantasy wants to play the girl character?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “would you have sex with me in “striking vipers”?”

  1. The funny thing is that it’s not even about video games it’s about porn. Video games is the Segway into the discussion. I deadass want to analyze this episode.

      1. I’m still left wondering what sensation dude playing the female character was getting from the VR device since they’re both clearly feeling something.. since he was the female was his prostate feeling like it was getting beat in? Hot.

        Episode was interesting nonetheless, it’s a scope look for Black men on television.

        Btw Jamari I love you and the site, have for many years now🤱🏿

        1. ^good question!

          i think he might have been feeling how a vixen feels when she is being penetrated?
          the game could have been giving him the sensation of actual penetration.

          and thank you four!
          i appreciate you!

  2. I think it was the intimacy mixed with being the female character that allowed him to feel a certain way. Imagine feeling all the same sensation with whatever technology they were using without actually have to physically. One thing I think was one character had the dealings of a boring family life looking for excitement while the other gave me in love with my best friend vibes but I’m do not wanna be seen as gay.

    The end left me confused like are him and his wife not having sex anymore and just faking it for traditions sake and she’s only allowed to cheat once a year?

  3. They both lied when they kissed and said they didn’t have feelings for each other. Both hesitated like a mf lol. But if that cop didn’t pull up they most definitely would be fucking.

  4. Just watched this episode today. This was very interesting and oddly arousing. It somewhat mirrored when a straight male experiments with another male for the first time; denial, revisiting the experience, avoidance, anger, and for some, acceptance. It was also satisfying that the main characters were black.

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