having “euphoria” about not having kids

i must be desensitized to certain things.
from folks at work,
and on the net,
everyone was clutching pearls about hbo’s “euphoria” starring zendaya.



you know i love being shocked so i watched half of it on the train coming home. foxhole…

That was light work

for me anyway.
that’s nothing i haven’t seen on tv and in my own life.
suburban teens having sex and doing drugs.
guess what,
shocked folks?

Teenagers these days are drug addicts and blow up dolls

check social media for that culture shock.
gay life is one big “euphoria” tbh.
many of us don’t ever grow up in this world.

as far as the show…

I’m into it

it held my attention and was the right kind of raunch i like.
it’s good to see zendaya shedding her disney image.
it was good seeing algee smith’s butt cheeks too.

i’ll be tuning in live next week.
i kinda saw the “twist” with jules coming,
although i didn’t see the other twist at the end.
“euphoria” comes on hbo every sunday at 10pm.

lowkey: i loved they promoted condom use in this show.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “having “euphoria” about not having kids”

  1. Seen this show 1000 times. Teenagers doing drugs and boning. Its boring now. Lets watch something different. I am sure there are other stories that can be told.

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