2 beatings, stolen goods, and a grindr hook up gone awry

ya’ll still letting these one nighters off “grindr” in ya’ll homes?
i thought we discussed hotels for these hook ups?
so a foxholer sent me another “hook up gone wrong” from the app,
this is what happened after sex was had via “daily mail“…

A Chicago man has been arrested for allegedly attacking his Grindr date with a hammer after going to his apartment for sex and later using bear spray on police as they took him into custody. 

Cedric Johnson, 29, was arrested early Saturday morning following the hammer attack on the  47-year-old university professor he had met on the online dating app.

Police said Johnson had gone to the victim’s apartment on Friday night after connecting on Grindr but an argument broke out after the pair had sex.

The victim, who has not been named, told police that Johnson ‘began to act possessive’ and allegedly grabbed a hammer.

Johnson is accused of striking the man at least five times on the head and face with the hammer before fleeing with the victim’s iPhone and Bose speakers.

The victim’s neighbors called 911 after he ran screaming and bleeding from his apartment begging for help. 

…and how cedric was caught:

After being discharged, the victim said he returned home and used an app to track his stolen phone. 

He tracked his iPhone to an apartment just two blocks away from where he lived. 

Police said the victim met officers at the apartment block and was immediately able to point out Johnson as his alleged attacker

your home is your sanctuary.
you pay good rent to live there.
it’s also where your nice expensive shit is too.
do not jeopardize your safety for 30 minutes.
there are a ton of cray folks on these apps now.
raggamuffins know the gays are easily swayed by sex.
many of them are broke and looking for their next target.
folks always thinking:

“It would never happen to me”

…and you’re the next foxhole story.

be smart with who you let into your home.

lowkey: i think everyone is gonna know who this professor is in chicago now.

article cc: the daily mail

3 thoughts on “2 beatings, stolen goods, and a grindr hook up gone awry

  1. I ain’t hosting nothing till I see some paperwork. When was the last time you were tested for STIs? That usually scares most of them away.

  2. I do wonder about my encounters with Grindr. However where I live the majority of my hook up either host at their condo where security and surveillance is at front desk. Im guilty tho, I’ve hosted at my home where thing could have gone down if not careful.

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