do not even think of touching his cheeks

believe it or not…

A lot of straight males don’t like you touching their cheeks

even if they’re fat,
don’t even grab it during sex because they’ll have a fit.
some aren’t even cleaning after taking a dump because “it’s gay”.
no it’s kinda fuckin’ nasty,
but okay.
a foxholer sent me the following video that has me kinda confused.
he got the video from over at “the luckey star“.
it’s about ^that latino wolf in the picture up above.
he got a random massage at the beach and then this happens…

i guess he thought the boogieman was gonna pop up if the massager went lower.

clearly he never had a massage before.
they go down your whole back and stop at your glutes.
in some instances,
baller wolves get the whole cheeks massaged.

i could understand not wanting to be touched,
but he agreed to that random massage in the first place.
that’s the part that had me lost.
straight males are always interesting.
he wasn’t too shy to be cocky about those arms tho.

lowkey: who is that person?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “do not even think of touching his cheeks”

  1. As Jamari stated. The obsession over straight men’s asses are at best met with eyes only. I bet a fair share of them don’t wash their asses properly. Most of them don’t even wipe or shave.

    I surely love a Top with a man’s ass. EXAMPLE. pornstar Ricky Johnson has a nice ass. A man’s ass. A firm muscle bubble butt. When you start getting into the “phat” category. I raise an eyebrow, add heterosexual to that & I squint. You just know all that skin and ass meat pressed together requires a thorough cleaning that a brief towel brush and a can of AXE won’t fix.

    This don’t mean all Gays wipe their asses properly either (or even women).

    We just all know how dudes are…

    I for one…if my boyfriend has a bubble butt, IDGAF if he is a total Top, he gonna let me eat his ass as long as it’s clean.

    Some TOPs be like that tho. They don’t want you around they ass. While I’ve had one I knew for a while. I asked him if I could eat his ass and he said nope. He don’t like it. I told him he was no fun. His rules where you can grab it but nothing else. 🙄😂

    Buttt… ( No pun)

    There are some gay men that like that “dirtyness” tho. A stank ass.

    I know a long time ago I was on Jackd and this older dude messaged me and said he wanted to eat my ass but then said, He didn’t want me to take a shower. He likes to eat ass as is. I told him he was gross. If you will eat a stranger’s ass without making sure it’s clean, you are most likely too nasty for my tastes. 😂

  2. Jamari, as a practicing therapist I alway ask before I touch for permission. The glute massage are great and my clients are not afraid once I give them a sample and they like my massages professionally. I don’t know what this fool was doing with that terrible massage.

      1. Hey these day’s everyone suffer from occupation or sports injury. People love massages especially if you do it for free as from those Rentmen who actually do more than just a healing pain.

  3. “some aren’t even cleaning after taking a dump because “it’s gay”.”

    Okay, tell me this isn’t a thing and you’re bein’ a bit hyperbolic… please tell me made up this horrifying story cause I’m bout to vomit up my cajun pasta.

      1. its true, I’ve met a few married papi’s like this and they don’t want the backdoor business just to give some mad head. I stuck my finger in one of them and lets just say I had butter fingers from a Mexican dude. He was fine but that ass was toxic.

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