would you have sex with me in “striking vipers”?

i wanted to font about “striking vipers” so bad when the foxhole was down.
i mean,
it had everyone talking.
i’m gonna font about it today since i didn’t get to.

i’m sure most of the foxhole has seen “striking vipers“.
it was one of the episodes of this latest season of “black mirror” on netflix.
it was a great mind fuck.
for those who didn’t watch,

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I Had My Male Cousin Before You Did (HOE!)

i could see myself being in a long term relationship with twink god.
i use to be confused by him,
but he is actually very charming.
i bet he would shoot someone’s tires out for me.
so everyone has “first kiss/first experience” story in this life.
for a majority of us,
it didn’t happen online or with some older jackal in our church.
some of us legit experimented with our cousins.
i’m not judging.
well twink god had an issue with his cousin’s vixen at a bbq recently.
i’d learn to make tacos for his ass.
she sent.
he came.
this is what he shared with us on his ig
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