I Had My Male Cousin Before You Did (HOE!)

i could see myself being in a long term relationship with twink god.
i use to be confused by him,
but he is actually very charming.
i bet he would shoot someone’s tires out for me.
so everyone has “first kiss/first experience” story in this life.
for a majority of us,
it didn’t happen online or with some older jackal in our church.
some of us legit experimented with our cousins.
i’m not judging.
well twink god had an issue with his cousin’s vixen at a bbq recently.
i’d learn to make tacos for his ass.
she sent.
he came.
this is what he shared with us on his ig

so twink god was real hood about it…
i bet you he would fuck me at gun point.
…but that is his truth.
i kissed my cousin hybrid and pretended he was my husband.
we were holding paws ‘n’ shit.
i think we were like 8 or 9.
it was weird af,
but that is one way i experimented and explored my “feelings”.
even tho at the time,
i was playing house with my neighbor’s daughter and dry humping her.
i was a young thot.
black folks like to scrunch up their noses at stories like this,
but cousin’s were the best experiments for some.
i mean…

It’d be a little odd doing it with your brother,

…or is it not?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “I Had My Male Cousin Before You Did (HOE!)”

  1. I do not know about y’all, but I could never. The thought of incest irks my soul, it is just too much for me to process. Other people are free to do whatever they want, and everything is not for everybody, but when I see some suspect shit, I’m gone lol.

  2. He is a handsome fella. Some things just need to be left unsaid and some people are not worthy of a response.

    That being said, I pray to God this phase with the overgrown beards passes. I’m tired of seeing it.

    1. Me too because it’s distracting and pathetic and a weak ass attempt to say, “I’m a man.” It’s like a male peacock showing off his feathers when the peacock looks feminine as F!@%. WHOOPS now, did I say that?! Oh well, can’t take it back!

  3. Messing with family is just purely nursty (yes I said nursty) that’s when you’ve gone beyond nasty.. I’m a GOD fearing person I’ll never do same sex stuff I want everlasting life not eternal damnation. I hope people stop lying saying GOD created them gay, better get the King James version 1611. GOD said do not say that your lust has anything to do with him. I’m only telling the truth. I can’t add nothing to it and can’t nobody else add anything to it.

    1. The first sentence was cool I agree but the rest of paragraph confused me with I’m a GOD fearing person I’ll never do same sex stuff. But you on a page that basically talk about same sex

    2. The bible says this..the bible says that! But while you’re trolling on a gay blog to find your truth…The bible is filled with incest and gay relationships! Especially Jonathan & David and their love was blessed by God. And just incase you want to come with the Sodom & Gomorrah B.S. save it! That was torture and rape.Bye.

    3. I hope people stop lying to themselves and thinking sexual behavior and sexual orientation is this the same thing.There are many people who are attracted to the same sex who have never acted upon it or “never did same same sex stuff”
      I’m curious why are you on this this blog with all these pics of semi nude and nude men on it?

  4. He thought that was cute enough for the world to know? Lol. Let’s not try to normalize incest. The comments on his IG had me confused 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. As a person that has experienced multiple childhood sexual traumas, I can honestly say that that is something he could have worked through, dealt with and kept for himself.

  6. I love me some Twink God and always will. Me and a cousin used to play “girl”. A game where I pretend to be standing waiting for the bus and he would sneak up and rape me (hump me). Loved it. I am glad he thought of that. We didn’t trip and still don’t. We adopted, lol.

  7. So let me decipher this conundrum of social media fuckery:

    1. Twink God was telling the bad and boujee girlfriend of his “play” cousin that he hit it first
    2. The bad and boujee girlfriend was “clocking his tea.” So I guess she found out from the boyfriend cousin.
    3. Why is it that incest is acceptable in the south? This is something that should not be exposed to the social media internet world.
    4. Twink God says that he and his family is “bout dat life!” Um….okay *listens to Jay-Z “The Story of O.J.”
    5. “Playing house” was code for, “we’re young black kids/pre-teens experimenting with our dicks and pussies and we would watch porn via our parents to learn how to dry hump or make a baby.”
    6. Twink God’s beard looks messy but overall, he’s cute? *cringes with a Kanye shrug*
    7. This is why I left Instagram in the first place (R.I.P @brandon.t.atkins circa 07/06/2017)

  8. Look at all these self righteous people acting like they so pure. Get the fuck out here with that mess. Some of your so quickly to judge something. But be the main ones hidden shit about things your did in the past and done now as we speak.

    1. *flips hair* Um….excuse me honey, but where in the world did you come from with those alternative facts? Let me explain to you what a comment is: IT IS A STATEMENT MADE BY A PERSON! An opinion is what a person is believe to be true to them. So what I’m saying is, your opinion about self righteous people on this post was not true. You really don’t know if they have had kissed their cousin or not. I know I haven’t. I know this your comment and your observation and conclusion that has formed an opinion that in reality it’s biased, judgmental, and critical. So with that said, SIT YOUR GODDAMN ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE, YOU GOT AN “F” ON THE TEST!

      1. No baby you have a seat some where. do you actually think for one minute that half of these guys are going to tell the truth about things they do in there personal life to people on the internet.
        if you do, you a fucking fool.
        if you read half of these comments sometimes which people like you don’t. because you want to jump in the comments wanting to go back and forth with people before you actually took the time to actually take in what the next person is saying.
        like I said before just everybody on here did everything right in their lives. no fuck ups or nothing.
        no one time did I said that what the guy said was right or wrong. if you read the comment for what it was and not for what you wanted it to be. you would understand that.
        once again, you have a seat somewhere and another thing.
        I do not care who and what this guy sleep with he’s not my man.

    2. Oh honey, I read what tf you wrote and what you wrote was some bullish! I mean the difference between written word and spoken word is that with spoken word, you can add an influx on certain vowels, constantans, etc. where as written word you have to add exclamation points, boldface fonts, etc. to mean what you say. So with that said, you sit the F!@# and retake English 101 so you can learn how to form your thoughts correctly. And I’m through!

  9. Lmao!

    There’s some hit dogs hollering like Fantasia in concert in here 😂😂😂

    I’m sorry even if you did some exploring with a family member as curious kids, bringing it up
    at a BBQ decades later to that cousins significant other is petty and warrants a beatdown.

    Sounds like he’s still attracted to his cousin and jealous.

    He’s the messy type of family members you have to curve.

    1. Well, since you mention it, did you call the Animal Humane Society? There’s some animal cruelty going on in here. I mean it seems that way according to your “failed” attempt to read between the lines. So with that said, you can have a seat at the back of the bus because this wasn’t your stop!

  10. I like Twink God for various reasons I thought his story was funny shrugs , when I was younger “my male cousins and I would play show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” hell we used to hunch baby dolls lol

  11. Yuck, I feel like this guy is putting on a personality for clicks, Why is ok to be so ghetto. its insane. Like ZERO Tact, or class just a hood rat. Yet yall wanna be in a LTR with this guy., Ill still to my class educated men

    1. I’ma have to agree with u…if this isn’t a shtick, then he may not be workin with a full deck. ..there’s keepin it real, and then there’s you may need help…

  12. Hmm… They were children and young and probably didn’t know any better so i fault neither one of them for what happened as children But to expose it that’s almost like outing someone and that’s just a no no in my book. I’m slightly triggered tbh

  13. I’m known for not having filters but he could have handled that in a WHOLE different way. Just flip it back on her — “What does my being gay gotta do with your rudeness?”

  14. Final thought on this post:

    I find it very funny that some people have something to say about incest as it is a hot button topic within the LGBT community. Also, it’s a hot button topic all over the United States as everyone has mixed feelings about kissing their cousins, brothers, sisters, etc. My point is this: biblically, incest is wrong. Kissing cousins is common and I guess acceptable, but close kin is not. I’ve heard stories about it and me personally, I don’t think it’s really right at all. So with that said, Deron Williams can choke on Twink God’s D&%$ and Jay can go play with L.A. or New York City rush hour traffic. Bye!

  15. Love the honesty, and a lot of people have done some weird shit as a kid. I read some of the comments and I noticed a lot of people rather lie than be honest.

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