Let Me Tell You About This Temp Gig Today!

so the head huntress that i met with last week called me yesterday.
she told me she had a gig for me.
i was excited,
but she told me it would only be for two days.
so i went today and foxhole…

…i really loved it.

i had to create an excel document,
take 3,000 emails that had various email addresses in them,
and put all those in emails in a spreadsheet.
i didn’t get to finish,
but i did like 2500 so far.

the gig was at a small art gallery.
it was a staff of 2 snow bunnies and a snow wolf.
i was able to dress casual so that was a plus.
the hours were also cool too.
11 to 6pm.
i had my own desk in the corner and i did my own thing.

the head huntresses said she is gonna find more gigs for me.
she really likes me so i hope she can get me a full time situation.
i’ll be keeping everything crossed.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About This Temp Gig Today!”

  1. God is so Good!
    There is a temp agency in the city that deals with all facets of corporate positions. It’s called TempPositions. Maybe you could look into doing secretarial temp work with them.

  2. I’m glad to hear this Jamari, their has been so much rain in your life lately, I knew the sun had to come out eventually.

  3. That’s great. When I lived in Chicago I temped. For two separate agencies. They’ll test you out with one/two day gigs and then move you up to two weekers, on month, etc until they offer a long term gig. Never burn the bridge. Word spreas throughout the Temp Community. A friend of mine just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get temp work in NY. Uhhh, maybe it has something to do with cursing out the recruiters in DC and walking off on a gig? Anyway. Good luck! Temping is exciting, and gives you a chance to make connections with each gig.

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