Brazilian Meat Is The Healthiest? Ask Diego Barros!

step right up!
step right up!
have you ever seen a meat outline so great?
me neither.
well that beef belongs to brazilian attentionisto,
diego barros.
a f-bi sent in some photos and videos to feast…

…and he isn’t even hard.
now you know how i feel about mega dicks.
“good to suck but not for the guts

 his thighs are amazing .
i have this thing about thigh meat.
diego is an all around full course meal tho.
if he isn’t part of the “connectpal squadron”,
he should definitely consider it.

lowkey: he strikes me as the “gardener” type.
the ones the rich vixens fuck when their husbands are at work.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Brazilian Meat Is The Healthiest? Ask Diego Barros!”

  1. Wow. Just wow. I watched City Of Gods not too long ago and I really have been in love with Rio DE Janeiro since I was a teen(25 now) and watching city of god. I said to myself my future husband lives in Rio. He speaks Portuguese and has dark caramel skin. And you found him for me!! Thanks JamarI your the bestest!!!! *packs bags and books flight to De Janeiro* 😂😂

  2. In all honesty the Brazilian man is the only man I would truly let send me into slut mode!!! Hit bring a friend let him hit bring ya fine ass daddy another in the hole!!!! One day I will get a taste of sweet Brazil!!!

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