Jon Moody Loves To Advertise His Services

you know i love me some jon moody.
his talent for painting masterpieces,
but his sculpted bawdy is what catches my attention.
his bawdy is amazing.
i’d be a liar if i said it didn’t.
he posted this video on his ig

…i need a moment.

lowkey: shidddd…
i’d advertise too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Jon Moody Loves To Advertise His Services”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! That dude’s body/physique is SICK!!! His abs are disgusting…and i mean that in a good way! LOL
    The pecs are crazy too! He is VERY talented and I think he uses his body to help market himself as well, because as good as the artwork is…most are looking at his body because he posts clips/pics of him either painting in his underwear or shirtless, as evidenced by the main pic.

    Again, I ain’t saying the brother isn’t talented, because he is! I’m just saying he’s marketing himself VERY well, and he knows it. As the saying goes…get it however you can get it!

  2. I can guarantee someone’s sponsoring so he can be artist and still maintain a good lifestyle lol

    I’m not even mad either. He doesn’t seem to have the ego and he keeps his mouth shut. Perfect candidate if you’re going to sponsor someone.

    Money well spent lol

  3. he’s low-key selling his “good” so he can maintain the painting (that industry its tough as hell) I would do the same if I was him,don’t think a real full time artist will be advertising their goodies like this

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