Younes Bendjima Buys The Best Swim Trunks For His Tail

so ^this model wolf is dating a kardashian.
i’m shocked he isn’t black and plays with balls of some sort.
his name is younes bendjima and he’s from algeria.
he is 23 and dating kourtney kardashian.
she is 38 years old.
 i saw the following pic on “hollywood unlocked” and…

…is his tail not eating up those swim trunks?
i love a lean wolf with a tail like that.
i gotta give it it to kourtney…

she got a real sexy one.

lowkey: that swim trunks pic turned me on…

you know he is fuckin kourtney absolutely stupid.
younes dated jordan dunn before kourtney.
good to know he likes the chocolate.
now if only he liked fox tail…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Younes Bendjima Buys The Best Swim Trunks For His Tail”

    1. @KJD..I agree! Everyone seems to fall apart after dealing with that family! Let’s hope this young man survives…but dealing with an older woman with kids, and a crazy alcoholic ex, in addition to an overbearing momma and attention whoring sisters…I don’t think they’ll be together long at all.

      He’ll hit it and quit it. LOL

  1. Kourtney is the only Kardashian/Jenner female who doesn’t date black guys or athletes. They talked about it on the show years ago when I used to watch.She may have dated one before her relationship with Scott.Whereas Khloe has admitted she has never seen a white penis.

    1. Let me clarify they said Kourtney is the only one who dates non Black guys.The other sisters only date Black guys.

  2. those north african arabs got some nice asses,but its better to beat it up before they hit 28 after that,the body just crumble…sigh lol

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