When A Crush Cums Back To My Foxhole

i’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the wolves,
and some surprise foxes,
that i’ve written about.
this is when i was heavy in the industry.
most were cool af.
back in the day,
i wrote about ^that scorpio wolf and my crush on him.

at the time,
he lived in atlanta.
og foxholer,
gave me a small f-bi rundown on him.
well ain’t it funny…

when he was visiting new yawk,
we met at an event when he was managing a light skin singer.
he had a company he was trying to get off the ground.
i wasn’t interested in the singer,
but moreso him.
i’m being 100.
the mission was to get with my foxhole crush.

well we exchanged numbers and talked for a while.
nothing sexual.
i don’t think he was confirmed so he is “straight”.
i wanted to get to him first as a smart fox should.
life happened,
star fox died,

we lost touch,
and i kept it moving.
my whole life was thrown off at that point.
i have one of his pics saved on my laptop tho.
every time i’d see it:

weird enough,
i thought about him the other day.
how about one of the foxholers sent him in as an entry?

he is so fuckin sexy
i’m sure we will run into each other again.
i’m glad lawrence is doing good.

lowkey: it’s not the tatts.
it’s not the bawdy.
it’s his face.
his face is so sexy to me.
i’m sure he should stay a crush as the rest of dem.
i remember showing star fox his pic.
he gasped at how fine he was.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “When A Crush Cums Back To My Foxhole

    1. ^me and him would be doing charity work,
      i’d be cooking him dinner,
      and telling the driver pull the partition up so young jamari can be on his kneeessss….


  1. Jamari, it’s only fair that I let you know that
    That the man you’re in love with, he’s mine
    From the top of his head, to the bottom of his feet
    The bed he sleeps in and every piece of food he eats
    You see, I make it possible

    ….and I can pull up if you’re feeling some type of way

    1. ^omg…
      i just fainted.
      i came back to life and then fainted again.

      i have to thank the foxholer who did this.
      thank you!!!!
      as for you law,
      we will have to connect soon.

      1. Hey TVTwin,

        I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but he is truly one of the most genuine and sweetest guys ever. One of the few out here who’s honest, sincere and smart. I’ve had many a font convo here or there with him and my crush only grew with each word exchanged. He’s a catch and I can’t see how he’s single and no one’s snatched him up yet. But I’m sure many are trying. If I stayed in the same state as him, I’d have placed my bid already lol


    2. WOW That was a powerful essay.It really struck a chord because a guy I dated several years ago came out to me after he almost died in a car accident.Unlike Law, my ex was on the DL but like him he realized after cheating death he wanted to live his truth.
      Thank you to whoever in the foxhole told him about the post it was great reading that essay.I know it has and will inspire others to love and accept themselves and to live their authentic life with no apologizes.Life is too short,be happy.

      1. Boo. We can use more of your type.

        Are you single or dating?
        What are you looking for?
        And what are you into?

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