I Loved The “Point of Vue” From My Crush

so last night,
i decided to indulge in a bedtime story.
it would be told from my crush i wrote about yesterday,
kiing law.
as he was introduced to me.
when i met him,
i thought he was straight.
i may be in severely “deep like” with you,
but i’m respectful of potential boundaries.
i’m shy and i’m not with the “hittin on random males” shits.
what i ended up reading was a powerful story of his coming out.
he wrote it on his own blog and i wanted to share a snippet for the foxhole…
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When A Crush Cums Back To My Foxhole

i’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the wolves,
and some surprise foxes,
that i’ve written about.
this is when i was heavy in the industry.
most were cool af.
back in the day,
i wrote about ^that scorpio wolf and my crush on him.

at the time,
he lived in atlanta.
og foxholer,
gave me a small f-bi rundown on him.
well ain’t it funny…
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