tyler perry made jon moody drop his drawz and i’m happy he did

it’s the veins in the thighs for me.
jon moody is everything.
i prefer him when he isn’t on reality shows.
he works better when he is a mystery.
jon has a handsomeme face,
banging bawdy,
and an exceptionally round

…about way of showcasing the talent of his art.
that’s it.
it seems that jon has been waiting to make his debut on the big screen.
he appeared on tyler perry’s “sistas” on bet with the whole pipe out…
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jon moody gets some alleged pipe leakage?

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so i’m just gonna font it.

Jon Moody has the best bawdy and ass in the social media business

( x um halp )
he is an artist,
but he’s starting to be known outside of his work due to reality tv.
he’s currently on a show called “southern charm: new orleans“.
the days of him being a mystery are pretty much over.
hate to see it.
well slapmyfatty is back to shake the table once again.
they allegedly dropped jon moody’s alleged nudes for us to indulge in.
i’ve been in need of a pick me up.
a foxholer sent me the alleged nudes of jon and well…

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jon moody comes clean about a secret he has been keeping

reality tv kinda killed my “jon moody” crush.
i mean,
he is still fine af,
but his “reality tv persona” on “southern charm nola” was a huge swipe left.
he posted something on his ig that was extremely brave.
this is what he had to font on ig

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Does Jon Moody Have The Same Drug Habit Like The Others?

i’m starting to think there is a drug in these forests that’s hard to kick.
what’s it called?
“being an attentionisto“.
it’s like coke.
once you get that first hit,
you keep searching for that same high over and over.
instead of it being snorted up your nose,
it’s the likes and attention that comes with social media.
jon moody seems to have gotten that hit.
ever since he got on “southern charm: new orleans”,
he has been rather extra.
well a foxholer sent me this video he put on his ig
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Jon Moody Is Straight (Disclaimer)

ugh this again…
ever so often,
i’ll post a male that sends shock waves through my bawdy.
i might talk about how attractive he is.
his bawdy might be crazy brolic.
in the past,
i have even gotten a little ratchet with the words.
thing is…


well until proven otherwise.
a vix-bi alerted me to something in regards to jon moody.
as you know he is on a show called “southern charm; new orleans”.
as far as i know,
jon is straight.
apparently since he was featured on here,
he was used on a message board to prove he must be allegedly gay.
i know.
extremely ignorant.
i’m going to post some information from my disclaimer.
i think we need a refresher course

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Jon Moody Is Going To Give Us Much More of Him

jon moody is my arsty bae.
i think he is sexy af and his bawdy is a teenage dream.
i like that we don’t know much about him besides:

a) that chest situation
b) that muscle tail situation
c) his arts situation

well jon wants us to get to know him a lot better.
you ask?
reality tv.
jon will be starring on “southern charm new orleans” on bravo.
this is the trailer
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