Jon Moody Is Straight (Disclaimer)

ugh this again…
ever so often,
i’ll post a male that sends shock waves through my bawdy.
i might talk about how attractive he is.
his bawdy might be crazy brolic.
in the past,
i have even gotten a little ratchet with the words.
thing is…


well until proven otherwise.
a vix-bi alerted me to something in regards to jon moody.
as you know he is on a show called “southern charm; new orleans”.
as far as i know,
jon is straight.
apparently since he was featured on here,
he was used on a message board to prove he must be allegedly gay.
i know.
extremely ignorant.
i’m going to post some information from my disclaimer.
i think we need a refresher course


  • I post good looking men from time to time, but I don’t know diddly about their sexuality. Being showcased on INSIDE JAMARI FOX™ is not a statement of anyone’s sexual preference.  INSIDE JAMARI FOX™ claims no ownership of photos posted nor ownership of comments made. Pictures used do not reflect the sexuality of said owner. My opinions about these men are NOT meant to be disrespectful or hurtful. So get out your feelings and take it as a compliment because it’s all in good fun! Plus, and I don’t mean to brag, but my taste is exquisite.

i’ve had that in my disclaimer as the foxhole started growing.
it sits right at the top too:

i’ll link below.
listen i stay in my lane and i definitely don’t bother anyone.
you never see me outing or being spiteful.
i’m pretty chill compared to others.
when i see/hear/sent things like the accusations to jon moody,
it doesn’t come off as a compliment as intend.
to be blunt: it’s really fuckin’ annoying.
it’s crazy how straight wolves males and vixens can compliment,
be as ratchet with their lust,
and it’s okay.
the moment that i (or others like me) do it:

…and that isn’t fair.
i’m not gonna stop doing me because of that.
if you look good,
ima font about it.
if you’re featured on here doesn’t mean we’re fuckin either.

i’d never post who was giving me the dick any-damn-way.
the way these 2018 males go nowadays,
we truly don’t know

…but unless he says it then he’s straight.
all the rumors and assumptions don’t change that.
i hope i made this clear for next time?
feel free to:


…at your leisure.
it’s packed full of delicious treats to munch on!

lowkey: before when i use to put in the entry that they are straight:

“why you putting their straight?
we know they’re straight…”

so i stopped.
now it’s:

“omg he was on this website,
so he must he gay…”

handle your crazy please.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Jon Moody Is Straight (Disclaimer)”

  1. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

    Anywho…Jon, bae-bee, hella handsome

    LOL @ handle your crazy, RIGH!

      1. People can be very simpleminded. You really have to tell them shit. lol In other news: DAMN< I want one of his original paintings!

  2. It’s kinda crazy that just because people see a guy’s pics on a gay-themed site, or posting, they automatically assume the worst about the person.

    If you don’t know for a fact…don’t say shyt! Rumors, UNSUBSTANTIATED rumors, are the downfall of many a person. It’s not fun to be on the receiving end of a bad rumor.

    I’ve been there. I was a crackhead let them tell it. LOL

  3. @ Christian, right, don’t assume anything about anyone unless you know them personally! Yes Jamari you have great taste, anyone should be flattered that you feature them on your site. BTW Jon is one fine man.

  4. i was waiting on you to post on him again

    BECAUSE GOOD GOD, this man is so high on his own bullshit.

    Jesus Christ, if anyone watching the show? I’m not sure if it’s because he is an artist, but the level of faux wisdom is so ridiculous. He spouts nonsense quotes all the time because i’m guessing he wants to be seen as a (pseudo) intellectual, but people understand he’s being totally arrogant about it, right?

    Just because he looks good and paints well doesn’t actually mean he’s working with a full set of batteries.

    And i can’t even blame the editing of the show. He has some narcissistic tendencies he brands as confidence, but going on a date, complimenting your date, then asking her “what about me, do i look good?”

    There’s definitely some insecurity there he tries to compensate with overly ridiculous nuggets of wisdom…
    “Amateurs build the ark; Professionals build the titanic.”
    Like, only one of those actually sank, bro, and it’s not the one you think.

    I don’t get his attempts at sounding or trying to sound profound, but he was way, way, wayyyy more attractive before he started talking.

    I’m just saying, don’t be consumed by his brand just because he has a rocking body n paints well. He does that amazingly, but I can see people nodding and agreeing as if he is the deepest motivational speaker in existence. He is not. He is merely trying to work an angle into his brand identity.

    And I don’t think he’s witty enough to make it work.

    I’m not hating on his work at all, because again, he paints PHENOMENALLY, he looks good. But Jesus, I’ve not seen something so pretentious mislabeled as confidence in a long, long, time.

  5. Ah…it’s this guy again that y’all like. He has a nice body I suppose, but so do a bazillion other guys. Aside from his art, I’m harping on something a little more in-depth about him. He gives off an attentionistos vibe as well. He’s like the type of narcissistic individual that displays his talents but also “markets himself” for praise.

    He wants you to look at both forms of art, mainly “himself”.

    …The definition of a weed is any plant that is out of place, so no matter how beautiful a flower may be, it is still considered a weed in the wrong environment…

    So Jamari, I’m curious but does stuff like this bring negative press to your blog and if you piss off one of these insecure straight guys (or eavesdropping straight females) can they get it suspended or something? Ya know folks be extra and dramatic these days over small things.

  6. smh it’s crazy you have to even font this, whats even crazier is whenever you do post one of these attentionitos you always respect them by giving them the “straight until proven otherwise” it’s usually the readers of the foxhole who allude to one’s sexuality on here, which you don’t have control over.

    1. You know damn well ain’t nothing happen in Savannah. The gays always pretending they got tea lolol. This is the type of BS this post had to be written for

  7. I was about to go in on dude. I was about to say “I KNOW this nigga ain’t talking slick about being featured on this site when he’s acted with Kway (a dude who pretends to be a female for entertainment purposes)” but then I read the message board part and calmed down, lol. U do nothing but compliment these dudes. If anybody perceives them as gay, that’s on THEM! Look in the mirror first before bashing the ppl who might think your gay or bisexual, because 9 times out of 10, something you did or said gave them ammo

  8. Here’s the problem I have with blog entries like this one. It proceeds on the narrative that being thought of as “GAY” is a bad thing. There would be no need for a “disclaimer “ if being gay wasn’t thought lf as the worst possible outcome for a black male. This is of course the mantra of heterosexual black men and the black women who help to regulate their gorilla masculinity.

    Maybe you should feature for gay-friendly instafamous guys on your blog and ignore the Christian Keyes of the world.

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