What Are Your Signature (Cologne) Scents? (+ Summer Cologne Shopping)

can i say i love posting on the ig foxhole stories?
ima humble brag and say some good pics,
if i do font so myself.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but i’m a cologne hoe.
i love a good scent on me and on someone else.
i was on the these 3 heavy these last few months:


…but they’re literally down to the last drop or a wrap.
i’m letting you into my cologne case foxhole.
you’re officially vip.
so i went summer cologne shopping at sephora last week.
i’ll get into what i liked in a few.
as i was looking around the store,
i realized something…

you need 3 signature scents (summer and winter) in your collection.

going out
date night/”11pm – 3am entertainment”

“work” should never be loud.
silage should be low to medium.
silage: how far away someone has to be to smell you.
how you smell when you walk in a room/by someone.

nothing worse than someone coming in the office reeking of cologne.
you are NOT at a club sir.
my personal choice:


“going out” can be loud/lingering/attention grabbing.
since you are outside in large crowds/walking the forests,
you want your scent to introduce yourself.
silage can be as high as you’d like.
you can be as expressive as you want to be.
my personal choice:

date night/”11pm – 3am entertainment” should always be softer.
i’ve had wolves come over,
but their scent didn’t overpower.
it was something i needed to be real close to smell.
silage should be low,
but inviting.
it can be sexual/”i want you to rip my clothes off” too.
some scents can trigger insta-erections,
but i feel that comes down to scent + attraction.
my personal choice:

these are my favs due to my own nose and compliments.
summer signature scents are also the same category,
but they’re always lighter/fresher/citrus.
same rules of silage apply.
as i’ve always said,
your signature scent(s) should always be a reflection of you.
i like scents that are a mix of masculine and feminine.
i gravitate towards more sweet,
but strong scents.
i love dark and sexual dark scents as well.
“tom ford” being my holy grail for that.

“velvet orchid” by tom ford is def my “11pm to 3am”/date night.

so summer scents…
i was on my lunch break so i couldn’t take my time,
but these scents stood out to me:


“mr burberry” by burberry
“eros” by versace
“gucci guilty homme” by gucci

but my holy grail for summer will always be:

the amount of compliments i get for this is insane.

sephora will give you 3 free samples of any cologne of your choice

so go over there and do some scent testing!
you can test one daily to see how your nose.others react to it.
if the silage and longevity meet your standards,
make a purchase!
that is your homework for this week.
let me know which one(s) you picked foxhole!

lowkey: scents vary from foxholer to foxholer.
what smells good on me might smell like pee on you.
it’s important to test because paper vs skin is different.
your body chemistry and everyone else will hate you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “What Are Your Signature (Cologne) Scents? (+ Summer Cologne Shopping)”

  1. I’m probably the only person I know who doesn’t like the smell of men’s cologne. The smell of most colognes reeks of obnoxiousness and pretentiousness. Two qualities I absolutely despise in a man. I like a natural fresh scent that says I just took a shower and I’m ready to sit on your face…. That’s all I need 😗

    Now if I were forced at gunnpoint to choose a scent for a special engagement, I’d probably go with one of the No.9 Bond fragrances.

    1. You’re not the only one!! It is very obnoxious to me as well….I like subtle scents….fresh, clean aromas…I’d do a body oil before some alcohol based fragrance…

    2. Seriously. Who still buys cologne from sephora. Or mass produce. Step your games up. Hermès and Ysl. Super old. Let me upgrade you all.

  2. Damn Jamari we have nearly identical cologne tastes lol. Sauvage is my new favorite. YSL l’homme is a great everyday scent. Terre d’Hermes is perfection it smells like fresh peeled oranges on me. For summer I suggest u go with Eros it’s fresh and vibrant yet subtle. I also suggest Bvlgari Soir or L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake

  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t give out my fragrances. Don’t want everybody smelling as good as me. When somebody asks me what I wear, I always tell them “Cool Water.” People will dead jack ya scent out here in these streets…..

    1. ^a few snow bunnies were OBSESSING over what i was wearing a few weeks ago.
      i legit told them “polo in the green bottle”.

      folks can try to emulate what i wear,
      but i’m constantly evolving and trying new stuff with my scents.

    2. Cosign! It’s war out here in these streets. The dating pool is too slim for me to give you a leg up by giving up my smell good. are If I stop wearing it then I’ll tell you, lol.

  4. here are the thing with scents…
    not all of them are “preppy”.
    “1 million” and most polo scents are built like that.
    scents can be in different families:


    it all depends on what you like.
    a good body spray can be all you need if that’s what you like.
    it never hurt to check various websites on the notes in scents.
    the opening notes can smell much different when they dry down.

  5. Eros was given to me by a co-worker last year for my birthday. THAT is my new scent! I was in love with Armani Code for the longest. Another cologne that’s a nice summery scent is Dior Homme Eau for Men & Versace Pour Homme.

  6. I have all those colognes but I think I want to try a Tom Ford cologne.

    I’m still searching for my signature scent.

    jamari, have you tried scentbird before?

  7. A Very, very, very light touch of Déclaration perfume spray by Cartier in fall and winter. nothing in summer.

  8. When I first moved to LA, I went to Nordstrom and the lady at the counter recommended I try one of the various fragrances by Jo Malone called Mimosa and Cardamon. This is by far the best fragrance I have ever owned. Its the perfect mix of floral and citrus which is perfect for LA’s perpetual spring weather. Literally everytime I wear it I get stopped and complimented. I had a guy stop me in Whole Foods to ask what is was i was wearing so his gf could buy it for him. Its pricey as hell($135.00) but well worth the investment.

  9. Let me say this. Bleu de Chanel(EDP) is my favorite scent hands down. I could literally where it all the time but sense I’m a man of variety I like to change it up every know and then.

    Summer Scents(In no particular order)
    1.Bleu De Chanel🤣🤣
    2. Lacoste Essetials
    3.Chrome Azzaro(check spelling)
    4.CK One(A cheap safe bet)
    5.Escada Marine Groove(Yes it’s for women but this ish right here is seductive. I don’t even like sweet fragrances but this is worth checking out.)
    6. Blvgari Pour Homme and BLV (clean and long lasting)

  10. thank you to everyone who shared their scents with the foxhole.

    it really allows us to get out there and try new things.
    i know some of these scents were really personal,
    but it helps those who aren’t familiar with scents to start somewhere.
    i love trying new things as well so it helped me as well!

    1. Sorry I’m late to the party but I love 212 by Carolina Herrera, L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake and Polo Black those were my 3 go tos for awhile with my backups being Lacoste Essentials and Kenneth Cole Black. I recently bought Eros and Light Blue by D&G and I ‘m also thinking of getting 1Milluon and Eternity Now by Calvin Klein.

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