Jon Moody Is Straight (Disclaimer)

ugh this again…
ever so often,
i’ll post a male that sends shock waves through my bawdy.
i might talk about how attractive he is.
his bawdy might be crazy brolic.
in the past,
i have even gotten a little ratchet with the words.
thing is…


well until proven otherwise.
a vix-bi alerted me to something in regards to jon moody.
as you know he is on a show called “southern charm; new orleans”.
as far as i know,
jon is straight.
apparently since he was featured on here,
he was used on a message board to prove he must be allegedly gay.
i know.
extremely ignorant.
i’m going to post some information from my disclaimer.
i think we need a refresher course

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Jon Moody Is Going To Give Us Much More of Him

jon moody is my arsty bae.
i think he is sexy af and his bawdy is a teenage dream.
i like that we don’t know much about him besides:

a) that chest situation
b) that muscle tail situation
c) his arts situation

well jon wants us to get to know him a lot better.
you ask?
reality tv.
jon will be starring on “southern charm new orleans” on bravo.
this is the trailer
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