Jon Moody Is Going To Give Us Much More of Him

jon moody is my arsty bae.
i think he is sexy af and his bawdy is a teenage dream.
i like that we don’t know much about him besides:

a) that chest situation
b) that muscle tail situation
c) his arts situation

well jon wants us to get to know him a lot better.
you ask?
reality tv.
jon will be starring on “southern charm new orleans” on bravo.
this is the trailer

ya know,
i only wanted to know jon for his art (and bawdy).
i loved him on these hilarious skits he did with kway and lala:

when he said “get in this bed”…

as long as he’s shirtless and speaking,
i’ll tune in.
“southern charm new orleans” premieres april 15th on bravo!

lowkey: i mean…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Jon Moody Is Going To Give Us Much More of Him”

  1. No shade but this looks like a season 1 and done type of show. The people don’t look entertaining at all. Now, as for Jon we already know that body is amazing.

  2. Child….I have to grab my pearls every time I see this man!! He is beyond hot!! Like damn!! I will be watching Southern Charm New Orleans!!

  3. Wow! I don’t watch reality TV these days, but I love the premise. And the DIVERSITY of the cast. We got women AND men, black AND white people. And full frontal and tail shots? I’ll allow it..

    1. These shows are all the same. Get them pissed off and they start acting like damn fools, throwing shyt and trying to fight one another. NOT a good career move.

  4. He’s not as nice to listen to as he is to look at. I wish personality came in membership form @ $10/month.

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