the foxhole book club ended up being more than i could imagine! (support group?)

yesterday had me pretty beat.
i had to wake up early because i had another appearance on tmz,
which will mark my 11th (or 12th) appearance on their platform,
but my segment ended up getting canceled.
the night before,
i had an amazing time meeting with the foxhole book club.
due to anxiety that riled up tho…

i took a dramamine (helps with nausea but makes you crazy drowsy),
a benny,
and a cbd pill to calm me down.
needless to say,
that wiped me tf out,
especially into the next day.

the foxhole book club was a nice intimate event.
we talked about “invisible life” by e. lynn harris and shared personal stories as well.
it felt really therapeutic with foxholers who have been with me for years.

I want to thank everyone who showed up!

even though those who didn’t,
i appreciate you for even taking an interest.
we will have to do it again soon!


as we told personal stories of our hurts and struggles within this life,
one of the foxholers had a really awesome idea.

Starting a foxhole support group.

it would be a safe place for everyone to share their stories or what is bothering them.
we could meet once (or twice) a month in an anonymous virtual space.
i thought the idea is pretty dope and wanted to run it by the foxhole.
i think we all need someone to talk to and many are scared of seeking therapy.
i know that group support can help tremendously.
i want to start with 10 foxholers first and see where it leads.

I think I can only handle 10 at a time.

it’s no pressure,
but depending on the response,
i’ll def add it to the “to-do” list for next month.
lemme know your thoughts and we will set something up.

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9 thoughts on “the foxhole book club ended up being more than i could imagine! (support group?)”

  1. I’m not surprised. Whenever I see someone post on social media or a website and they say that they “usually never post”, it’s often something refreshing and groundbreaking. I’m sure those who lurk the Foxhole spoke up and gave different viewpoints!

    1. Glad to hear. Wish I could’ve made it. 8/24 was my bday tho (still half drunk…smh). I think this is a great idea, and I’m down.

  2. I love Invisible Life. I can remember in the late 90s when I wasn’t out, placing an online library reserve for that book to be sent to another library on the beach being discreet. Reading that book sent my mind racing and I could remember getting hot and hard reading certain scenes of the book just using my imagination and it was my entry into the life style. E lynn knew how to write!

  3. It really was an amazing time J. I think the atmosphere you created really made all the difference. I think the guys who showed up were pretty chill too so that helped a lot to make us all feel comfortable enough to be open.

    I’m definitely down for the support group too. I think it could be a really great & helpful thing for those of us who participate. Keep up the fantastic work J, I’m here for it!

  4. I think the support group would be awesome. I am struggling in this lifestyle with the loneliness, not adapting well to gay culture, and fear of possibly being alone. Always the bridesmaid and never bride 🥲

  5. I could definitely use a support group. I need help unpacking being gay and being black. I see some like trill stay winning. But I am not one of those people.

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