Mister Cee Opens Up About His Can Of Worms For XXL

mister-ceemister cee is getting a whirlwind of promotion.
he went from background to foreground with the quickness.
after his many “street meat” incidents,
the legendary dj of hot97 sat down with xxl so they could pick his brain.
it was actually a really surprising interview

Why did you announce your resignation so quickly? Did you think it through?
I definitely thought through it yesterday. It was a combination of two things—I decided to resign yesterday because I just felt tired of putting the station through the mud because of my behavior and my mistakes, transgressions and so on. It was also a part of me not wanting to face the fact that I have to be honest about who I am and what I’ve done. And part of it was for the betterment of the station. It was a combination of those two things.

Do you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?
I definitely feel that it’s a weight that has been lifted because for so long I’ve just been… From the first incident in 2011 all the way up until the situation with the video that came out yesterday, it’s just been, ”What lie can I come up with next?” I even said this to my boss Ebro [program director at Hot 97], I wish I could have done this on my own terms. Being that there was an unfortunate circumstance or somebody that tried to entrap me, at that point it’s like your hand is forced. The whole thing of why I never wanted to be honest about what I do in my private life is because I wanted to protect my family. I hold my family down with a lot, and a part of me felt like if I would have came forward then maybe I wouldn’t have gotten the love or whoever was supportive of me, I would have lost the support. And in that maybe I wouldn’t have been able to provide for my family the way I provide for them now.

What would you label your sexuality?
I don’t think that I’m gay. From time to time I had experiences with getting fellatio from a transvestite—oral sex from a transvestite, but I’ve never had sex with a man, and a man has never had sex with me. That’s why I feel that I’m not gay. I also know that part of that is still me being in denial too. But that’s when the therapists come in. I’m going to go to therapy and trying to deal with that side of it, recognizing who I really am. Maybe I can go to therapy and try to move forward with this and actually one day say that, ”Yes, I’m actually a bisexual man.” ’Cause I do love women too. I have my experiences with women.

Would you say that the acceptance of people being gay in hip-hop has something to do with why you may be holding back?
No, that really don’t have nothing to do with it. I think part of it is what I have done with a transsexual was just them giving me oral sex. I think because I haven’t had intercourse with a man, that’s part of the reason why I’m saying I’m not gay. That’s also a part of the denial because if you’re doing any type of interaction with the same sex, it is considered gay. I can’t really say that I’m there yet to say that. I’ll be going to therapy and dealing with that, and maybe I can come to the realization later on.

Are there any other steps that you plan on taking to avoid these situations popping up again?
To avoid these situations popping up, that’s not what I feel that I need therapy for. I feel that I need therapy to come to the realization of who I am as a person. Will I ever engage in sexual activity with a man ever again? I can’t really say if I would or if I wouldn’t. Have I been involved within recent months? I have not. I’m still dealing, and I’m still finding my way through whole thing. One thing that I can almost guarantee is that I’m not going to be arrested for prostitution again. That’s not going to happen again. That’s a distant memory. It has been for a minute, but with the video coming out, which is an old video, I’ve tried to move forward from that, but it’s almost like the Anthony Wiener situation: It comes up to an old text or here comes a video that you didn’t know somebody was filming you.

Did have a feeling that something was up that day in the car at the time that the video was being filmed?
I had absolutely no idea that I was being filmed. And I know who the person is. I don’t know the person personally. I haven’t been involved with the person on numerous occasions. It was a one-time situation, but I know exactly who the person is. And I’m saying I know the person who I picked up. I don’t know what the person does for a living or whatever.

Why do you think the video was released yesterday out of all days?
I don’t know. That I can’t say. I went to court on Monday for my situation in May where I quote-unquote was trying to solicit a male undercover officer. I went to court this Monday that just passed, and my case was dismissed. Nobody reported it, it wasn’t talked about. And that person filming has no relation to the case in May, so I can’t even sit here and try to say there was a connection with that. I really have no answer for that. I just went to court Monday, and this situation happens. It’s like you take one step forward and two steps back.

How long have you been soliciting prostitutes?
For like five plus years or so. I mean I never counted when I actually started soliciting transexuals. I can’t say the actual day that it started but over five years.

How have the fans responded?
First and foremost, let me say that I am not on Twitter. There’s a person that’s on twitter  ”Real_Mistercee” with the whole I might kill myself… That is not me. I am not on Twitter at all. I’m on Instagram. I’m saying that just to say what I been getting from social media, it’s been positive. I would say 85 percent positive and 15 percent negative. But even with some of the negative it’s like, “I don’t condone what you do, but I’m glad you came forward.” And some of the comments are just outlandish, homophobic slurs and what not, but I’ve been dealing with that for two years since my first incident in 2011 anyway.

Do you believe this could turn into something good for hip-hop?
I hope so. First and foremost I never decided to do this to be the person like, ”This is the first hip-hop personality that finally…” It was more or less like I got to stop with the hiding and the lying. I do believe that taking the first step with what I did today will first help me but will also help a lot of other people that have the same issues that I have.

Are you back at Hot 97 for good?
I came back today. Me, Ebro and the team are discussing the situation moving forward. I may take some days off just for some personal time. That will be within the next few days or weeks. But to put it in a nutshell, yes, I’m back. I will resume all my normal duties. I’m just blessed that the company believes in me enough to allow me to return. As I said, me resigning was totally my decision, and for them to come back to me and say, “We can’t let you go out like that,” that in itself just means so much. How often do you work for a company putting them through so much and they say that, ”We’re still here with you”? Once I did the resignation, that’s an open season for saying, ”Let’s move forward as a company.” But for them to snatch me back up and say, ”We’re not letting you go that easy,” it’s still unbelievable to me. I’m so humbled and blessed, you don’t even understand.

Well, you’re a legend, and that’s your family right there.
I don’t look at myself the way other people look at me. I can get on that radio, I can be in the clubs and talk hella junk on that mic like I’m the biggest and baddest thing out there, but when I’m off that mic, when I finish the set, I’m just Calvin. It’s hard for me to look at myself in the mirror as Mister Cee, it’s very hard. I think that’s part of the reason I’ve still been around all these years. I don’t get caught up in the hype. I get caught up when it’s time for me to do my job, but when the job is over, it’s back to reality.

Now that you’re staying, are there any new guidelines or limitations that have been put in place?
Well, the No. 1 guideline is don’t get arrested and don’t get into the situation again. With this situation it’s a better process—from Ebro to Karlie Hustle in programming to Alex Cameron my general manager all the way up to the upper management in Emmis, they are totally walking with me step by step to make sure that I get the help that I need to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. Where as with the other situations I was telling them, ”I’m okay, I’m okay,” and this trip they are like, “You’re not gonna tell us you’re okay. We’re just with you. We’re gonna walk this together.” And I need that. Of course I’m gonna get that from my immediate family, but to get that from my Hot 97 family, which is a different approach from the other times, is so much more satisfying to know that I have that safeguard.

tumblr_m4h578Qfea1rwcc6bo1_500ya know the comment about him not being gay is what has people confused.
it use to have me confused as well.
i realized many of those wolves messing with trannys don’t indentify as gay.
no matter how masucline said tranny is,
they still see a vixen.
they might also be just into that kind of kink.
people usually don’t understand “different”.
so sorry(?) foxes out there who thinks:

x example one
x example two
x example three

…maybe gay.
yeah not so much maybe i dunno.
i will say i don’t think mister cee should be condemned for whatever he likes.
his sex life is in fact his personal business.
getting arrested,
putting his job at risk,
and bringing negative promotion to hot97’s brand?

please-stopwell that’s when it becomes a problem.
i hope he gets the help he needs so he can move on…
…and learn how to book a hotel room.


story source: xxl magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Mister Cee Opens Up About His Can Of Worms For XXL”

  1. You just said it…his personal life is his business. Soliciting prostitutes and embarrassing your employer is not just private business when you are a public figure. Most employer’s won’t give you more than one chance to be arrested for prostitution (gay or straight). I have a problem with the perception that Mr Cee is being persecuted. If he was discreetly having sex with someone he met online, there would be no issue.

  2. Well Said Jamari- its his business and sadly he got ‘outed’ by a person who clearly did this intensionally for whatever motive. Personally it should be a crime for this deliberate act of persons broadcasting what should be a personal business. Kerry Rhodes is dealing with his issues as well. Lesson here- he needs to be careful of the dog he lies with or he may get fleas. In time he will come to the real harsh truth about himself and when he does he will be stronger for it. In the mean time he needs to slowly open up the door, take off the blinkers and open his eyes to his truth.

  3. He says he never had sex with a man.Is he forgetting what a transvestite is?That would still count as having sexual experiences with men.

  4. A few things: 1. He should google “the Kinsey Scale of Sexuality” and he will find that sexual orientation from 100% gay to 100% straight is a continuum and that most “gay” people are not 100% gay and that most straight people are not 100% straight. Most people are inbetween the 100% poles. 2. Sexual orientation includes a. who you have sex with b. who you desire to have sex with and c. who you enjoy being around outside of the sex. Of those three factors, it can easily be two of one gender and one of another gender and so the person can easily be between the 100% poles! 3. Mr. C often makes reference to his family. Is he married to a woman? Does he have children? 4. His big problem is the illegality of soliciting prostitutes and soliciting prostitutes on the streets. It appears that he’s not familiar with online sites like Rentboy.com (male escorts/prostitutes), adam4adam.com and blkgaychat.com/bgclive.com (which has the ability to look for and find transexuals) who are either not prostitutes or are not street walking prostitutes. Apparently he hasn’t heard the song lyrics “My momma told me ya better shop around.”

    1. According to his IG he is not married and he has no kids. I don’t know if he was ever married or if that was internet rumor.The people he paid for sex are transvestites (crossdressers) not transexuals according to him.When he says Sex, like Bill Clinton, he means intercourse .I think he enjoyed the risk and danger of hooking up w street hookers in his car .

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