Kerry Rhodes: Mo Money; Mo Problems In Being Unsigned?

okmoneybagsafter that entry i posted ( x yesterday ) about kerry rhodes,
it was really heartbreaking to read.
it seems there maybe another issue why he hasn’t been signed.
well an f-bi sent me an email explaining what may really be going on.
it’s not so much sexuality, but money maybe an issue…

There’s another side to the story.  After we posted our item regarding the Deadspin article highlighting Rhodes’ absence from the league, multiple league sources reached out to explain that Rhodes could have been on a team for 2013, but that he wanted too much money.

It started with the Cardinals, who were due to pay Rhodes $5.5 million in 2013.  One source claims the Cardinals offered Rhodes a reduced contract before cutting him on March 13.  Rhodes, however, wanted more than the Cardinals were willing to pay.

Mike Jurecki of 910-AM in Phoenix reported Friday that Arizona actually offered Rhodes a one-year, $3 million guaranteed deal.  Per Jurecki, Rhodes wanted to “roll the dice” in free agency — and only the Bengals were interested.

Another source told PFT that one team other than the Bengals contacted Rhodes in the off season.  The team in question viewed Rhodes as a player who deserved to earn a contract in the one-year minimum range, but the team learned that Rhodes wasn’t interested in playing unless his compensation was “significant.”

Yet another source said the Rhodes is “just really OK and doesn’t really like football.”

Other sources have characterized these claims as “he said/she said” contentions, pointing out that, regardless of the events that resulted in the Cardinals cutting Rhodes, there’s been no interest since the early days of free agency.  One source explained that, in recent months, there have been and continue to be no opportunities or interest even at the minimum salary level, which for Rhodes would be $840,000.

No matter how the dominoes fell for Rhodes in Arizona, the end result is that Rhodes currently is drawing no interest, and that he apparently didn’t draw much in the first place.  If the Cardinals truly deemed him to be worthy of a one-year, $3 million contract in March, why would no one offer him anything in May, June, July, August, or September?

Coincidentally, the rumors regarding Rhodes’ sexuality hit the Internet in April.

Based on the timeline, it’s possible that Rhodes priced himself out of the market in March, and that the market otherwise decided after April to avoid him for reasons other than his contractual expectations.  The reality of situations like this is that the employers who are steering around a given employee will never admit that they’re doing so for reasons that aren’t legitimate.

For Rhodes, the reality is that the Cardinals reportedly wanted to give him $3 million guaranteed in April, and that no one wants to give him anything now.

britney_remix1its all about them benjamins,
that green,
you get the idea.
with all the scandal that has happened,
and kerry desperately trying to get on a team…

Should Kerry Rhodes just take the L and ( x the pay cut )?

i know for me,
i worked my ass off over the years.
i have gained a ton of skills/experience because of this.
anything less than my desired salary ain’t paying the bills.
i’m not going to act like if i good job didn’t offer me a position,
with a pay cut reasonable for me to survive,
that i wouldn’t take it.
bills still got to be paid and a fox does have to eat.

Spongebobwaitingincoffeehowever way you roll the dice,
kerry is not on a team.
maybe he needs to humble himself if he really wants to play again,
or does he really?
when the going gets tough,
should the broke take anything?
 from corporate to california pizza kitchen?
pigskin to “put the fries in a separate bag”?
if we do take bite the bullet and take anything,
what does that say about “fighting what you want?”?
knowing your “worth” and your “value”.
that person who said that obviously never heard the word, “rescission”.
i couldn’t help but wonder…

Should we always desire a paycheck to match our potential?

story source: pro football talk

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes: Mo Money; Mo Problems In Being Unsigned?”

  1. @OLDHEAD… That’s what i was thinking but because Peanut keeps showing out I definitely don’t wanna make him the victim.

    I do wonder if Peanut caught Kerry fucking with another nigga and it was the last straw because this whole scandal just came out of nowhere. There has to be more behind the scenes, maybe some shit we will never know.

  2. From these reported timelines which pre-date the scandal, seems like he gambled and lost. There’s an old saying in cards: study long, study wrong. He can’t blame anybody but himself.

    And, as for the entanglement with that Peanut character: why…how could he get caught up in something like that? I can’t even see how Peanut could have butched it up. At 30 or 31, Kerry is not a child. What was he thinking? And, how could he have allowed all those pictures to be taken? He fits the dumb blond stereotype. I guess just because he is a fine athlete and good looking does not mean he has to be very bright upstairs. Nonetheless, I do feel sorry for the way he’s been put out there. But, something is making me question if he did something really dastardly to Peanut that has not come to light. I have been, like most on here, thinking Peanut is just low life. But, could something really rotten have been done to him? After all, this info about the $3 million contract offer is just coming to light.

    We often give the benefit to good looking people we like. They get hired first. Good looking hitchhikers get picked up first. Celebrities usually get the benefit of doubt. How many of us on here would have been strung up before a court date had we been having young boys sleeping with us in our beds? Michael Jackson did it and fans — I bet many on here — were making all kinds of excuses for him. I’m just sayin’. I won’t be surprised if more comes out in the wash.

    1. How does one compare Michael Jackson’s situation to Kerry Rhodes sleeping with a legal aged queen who went out on a mission to expose him publicly and continues to actively stalk him? The two are not comparable in the least bit.The sad aspect of it all is Mantasia even admitted that Kerry treated him well when they were together. This is just about some queen who’s upset that it ended and knowing that an exposure would affect the little career that Kerry had left he tried to destroy him. This shouldn’t be applauded or defended under any circumstance. Things like this is why I simply abhor messy queens with low self esteem. It makes no sense to do all that to someone regardless of what went down while you were together.

      As for the negotiations, that is a part of the sport. It’s not uncommon for an athlete to weigh several offers to see which one is the best. Their is a possibility that Kerry’s team may have been unrealistic in their expectations and were holding out because they thought he deserved more . However, since we don’t exactly know the stipulations of each offer it’s hard to say what was the issue there.

      Furthermore, I think after the whole Peanut scandal broke it was a complete wrap for Kerry getting signed anywhere. No team wants to be associated with a DL baller who has some unfortunate looking troll posting his nude pictures everywhere and threatening to expose more. Maybe Kerry should just say he’s bi-sexual and make some money on the circuit like Jason Collins and the other out celebrities.

  3. Kerry Rhodes is over. That ugly queen he was fucking ruined him. He is now the lesson for every gay footballer player. Sorry everyone we lost all hope with any man in the spotlight when this happened.

  4. Kerry is seen as any other player, an investment. What’s to say he would have taken that 3 mill contract and he in the same boat next year? Besides I’m sure the peanut debacle minimized his worth with all the drama. But bill have to be paid dude, I would took the contract and been looking to make some other kind of investment

  5. If that is the case, no wonder why no one wants to sign him. 3 million a year is a good amount of money. Superstars get the big contracts and Kerry is not one. I don’t believe this story, it sounds a little made up.

    1. PFTNBC confirmed with the Cardinals and a look back to March and you can read the contract on PFT.

      Actually Larry Fitzgerald restructured his contract so the Cardinals had room for several players under the cap with KR being one of them.

      It was the scandal that brought KR to the forefront in the blogs. Mainstream Media sees it as a non story and the average football fan couldn’t name the team or the position he played.

  6. Its possible money is A factor Kerry has homes in AZ, NY and in CA so apparently he has managed his earnings well so maybe he doesnt have to take any offer.
    BTW Máster Cee spoke to very compelling , honest interview IMO

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