Kerry Rhodes: Mo Money; Mo Problems In Being Unsigned?

okmoneybagsafter that entry i posted ( x yesterday ) about kerry rhodes,
it was really heartbreaking to read.
it seems there maybe another issue why he hasn’t been signed.
well an f-bi sent me an email explaining what may really be going on.
it’s not so much sexuality, but money maybe an issue… Continue reading “Kerry Rhodes: Mo Money; Mo Problems In Being Unsigned?”

Who Has A Couch Vince Young Can Crash On?

this was during good times.

you know the moment you (baller wolf) realize you are now the shit.
you get that big check and you go wild.
everyone pats you on the back.
you didn’t have to work for nothing because everything came easy.
you start doing shit you know your broke ass wouldn’t have done in college.
with yes men, money hungry hoes, and no one who truly gives a shit about you…
…you become the example.
one of the many examples to be rolled out as the years go on of how stupid you were.
everything that brought you pleasure is now highlighted as mistakes.
vince young got dropped by the buffalo bills and has no money.
but what puzzles me with his whole story is what he spent his money on….

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