“You Can’t Sit With Us,” Says The NFL to Kerry Rhodes?

kerryrblacklistit puzzles me why kerry rhodes still hasn’t found a team.
nfl season has started and not one peep or try out.
what is really going on?
i was reading an article on deadspin that implies kerry may have been blacklisted.
it leaves the question:

Will kerry rhodes ever play professional football again?…

Free agent safety Kerry Rhodes was more or less outed by Media Takeout during the offseason (the pictures that MTO posted of him with another man appear to have been scrubbed from the site). He still hasn’t found a job. This is fucked up, because Kerry Rhodes is good. In fact, by many metrics, he’s very good.

Rhodes picked off four passes last season (two of them came against the Jets, but still!) and was part of the fifth-best pass defense in the NFL. Pro Football Focus had him ranked as the fourth-best safety in all of football in 2012. Apart from the retired Ronde Barber, Rhodes is the only player in PFF’s top 30 safeties from 2012 that doesn’t currently have a job.

I called 5 Star Athlete Management, which represents Rhodes, to ask if the safety had fielded any calls this week. Jennifer Thatcher, a VP at the agency, confirmed that Rhodes got no tryouts after Week 1, but she declined to comment any further.

Even if you’re unmoved by any social-justice concerns here, there’s the basic football problem of it. My favorite team BLOWS at strong safety right now, and it annoys me that they, along with 31 other teams, have so conspicuously avoided giving a capable defensive player like Rhodes so much as a tryout.

This is a league that pays endless lip service to the idea that the best players play, regardless of skin color, politics, religion, whatever. If Rhodes’s sexuality is a nonissue for teams, then what else is wrong with him? What other explanation is there? Did his fucking legs fall off? There’s no indication that Rhodes is no longer interested in playing football. As recently as July, Rhodes said four teams were pursuing him. He has yet to file retirement papers. As a nine-year vet, Rhodes would be entitled to a league minimum of $840,000 under the current CBA: not cheap but not exorbitant. There’s no indication he is sitting around, expecting someone to hand him $30 million in guarantees. This is the NFL. If you’re on your couch and the league calls and offers you a job for the minimum, you go. Ask Brandon Jacobs.

If Rhodes and Jason Collins spend the next full year unemployed, that’s basically a gigantic FUCK YOU from general managers. DURRRRR WE CAN’T HAVE OUR BOYS DISTRACTED BY THE IDEA OF YOU SUCKING A DICK DURRRRRR. It would send a clear signal to closeted players to keep their mouths shut. And if Rhodes can be shunned, how many other players have been shunned for other various, imbecilic reasons?

bbw2_1_gif3so he has to worry about a raging raccoon and the upper echelon of the nfl?
kerry who has been a stellar player,
no scandals that jeopardized his or someone’s life,
only ends up gets the shit of the stick?
that’s completely fucked up.
what happens in his personal life should not effect his business.
is that what the nfl is seeing?
bad enough…
i heard allegedly peanut was calling teams to slander kerry.
telling them kerry was creepin’ on his teammate’s privates.
he even shades kerry every chance he gets on his instagram about him not finding a team.

why is 40 year old claudia jordan acting like she is in high school?

tumblr_inline_msnxz0Wxm91qz4rgpsomeone punch him please.
just one good one.
i’m still baffled why there was no cease and desist sent to peanut?
my lawyers would have been so up his ass,
he would have to ask if he could take a shit without being sued.
one thing i will say white celebrities don’t even play that slander shit.
they come out the womb ready to sue.
so the nfl gives/keeps contracts to players who beat their vixens,
drink and drive,
or pretty much have the world of fuck ups.
the fourth best free agent safety gets put to the back of the line?

everything about kerry’ sexuality is still alleged,
but is this one of the reasons many stay in the closet?
i’m not saying it’s right to stay in there,
and you are free to come out if you choose,
but some people truly don’t have the luxury.
it could be career,
or even plain ol fear.
you are allowed to question if it maybe a good idea.
your livelihood can get taken away if there is even a hint of gay?
so i had to wonder…

Do gay guys really finish last?

lowkey: i really hate he is being bullied and people are applauding it.
dead ass if people were in his shoes,
and they were getting treated like this,
they would be ready to curl up in a ball and cry.
its ridiculous bad behavior is being applauded.

article source: deadspin

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on ““You Can’t Sit With Us,” Says The NFL to Kerry Rhodes?”

  1. Now I understand why a lot of athletes would rather stay in the closet. If I was dating an athlete I would tell him to shut up and come out after his retirement.

  2. Kerry is of course seen as a liability & distraction. GM’s could give a damn about how well you are, but what does your personality/ego, teammates say or think about you. Look at Laurence Maroney & Chad Johnson. They are two prime examples.

    I remember Manti Teo said at the combine, some coaches asked him questions like if he had a girlfriend? Does he want one? & if he liked girls… Everyone knows the leagues is having a hard time dealing with “social acceptance”. Remember what Chris Culliver said?

  3. Only one try out? It is sad how they continue to do Kerry. Peanut has really put the spotlight on how queens act. I hope they all don’t lump is as messy

  4. To my knowledge Kerry has never been in trouble with the police.Like I said last night if he had been arrested for domestic violence, DUi, hiring a FEMALE escort in the past, etc.He would be signed with a team.

  5. I hate that’s so much for him he was really good and now he can’t find a team. This is gonna cause more and more players to stay in their closets. A POX on peanut S/N maybe they’ll stay away from the messy queens and get men like us…. Well me particular 😉

  6. Even though most would say why cry over a multi-millionaire, but this right here hurts my heart. Kerry has said he is not gay, so move the fuck on NFL, so many players have done so much dirt and so many freaky things as well as criminal behavior and no one is saying nothing and they are getting a chance to play, only because he is alleged to be gay, all hell has broken loose.The NFL is full of shit, saying they will be accepting, its clear that you have a bunch of spoiled immature men who have not caught up with the rest of the world, that their are gay football players and it has nothing to do with their playing ability. I dont blame anyone for staying in the closet, masculine gay men, get no damn respect period. Str8 men are threaten by you, and Str8 women hate your guts because they are not with you. I know Kerry is broken up inside, he keeps a positive spin on things through his social media, but I know he has cried many nights and he has been scarred by this whole experience, and feels the world is against him. So sad he was just taken advantage of by a messy low brow, low class gutter rat, and anyone can get caught up like this, if you are just a trusting person. Im laughing my ass off, at the biggest whore to ever go through Hollywood, the one and only Claudia Jordan trying to throw shade, what a joke, she is the female version of peanut- a opportunist who will suck any dick if its attached to a fat bank account, she is literally a Hollywood call girl/prostitute who specializes in raunch and filth for old rich white men and Middle Easterners with money. I cant with these two stunt queens. I hope Kerry gets picked up or just hangs it up and goes out with dignity and class and use his resources to open businesses and become even greater off the field than on it. I hope he knows that he has a lot of support from masculine gay dudes who fear this very thing, and to all messy queens, wonder no more when masc, gay dudes throw you shade and give you the gas face its because of antics like these and all the unnecessary drama that comes along with dealing with you. Personally, I keep messy queens, and loud uncouth ghetto people period out of my inner circle, I only deal from a distance.

  7. Don’t forget the Bengals player that killed a pedestrian on Miami beach while drunk & high and got 30 days in jail before heading back to playing football.
    Even if Kerry gay, he didn’t cheat on his wife. So why are all these Vixens upset?

    1. Peanut claimed that he wasn’t outing Kerry, he was letting Vixens know that they couldn’t get with Kerry because he’s gay.We know that’s bullshit though.He outed him.Maybe Vixens are mad because they have to cross an athlete off their list of conquest.We all know they want these athletes so they can fuck em, get pregnant, give birth, then live off that child support.

      Man, how good does Kerry look in that picture up there?I just want to jump on him and bite his juicy lips.

  8. I personally feel very sorry for peanut, or Mr. Hollywood as he likes to call himself. He is trying to make a name for himself at the expense of Kerry’s livelihood, and peace of mind. The universal principle of karma is oh so very real, and peanut is digging a very very very deep ditch for himself. I just pray that when it all goes down (and it will), that Kerry doesn’t revel in peanut’s misery, so the cycle (of bad karma) can be broken.

    1. Well, Kerry is in misery right now and Peanut seems to be reveling in it.He hasn’t let up yet.Kerry not only had his private sex life exposed to the world but he also can’t get a job because of it.I wouldn’t blame him for reveling in Peanut’s misery.He’s throwing Kerry under the bus without a care in the world.I hope Kerry makes a video of himself twerking to the camera when Peanut’s Karma finally hits him.That’s what he gets for trying to destroy the man’s career, which in turn is stopping his money flow.

  9. I commented about him not being signed the other day on that Maxwell thread. Kerry’s career suffered behind the Hollywood scandal. His is only 31 years old, and he is not signed to a single team. He is a solid safety, which means he should be on somebody’s roster. This may sound bad, but he may never play again. Yeah, he has other stuff going on for him, but he wants to play football, and the money from that pays the bills. Kerry is gay or bisexual at the least, no doubt about that.Those NFL teams seen the pics, and watched the situation blow up into something serious, and that there was enough evidence to conclude that he had a sexual, intimate relationship with another man.The NFL knew that players probably heard about it and also seen the pics and realized that if he was signed to a team there would be drama.This type of stuff is a distraction to a team, not to mention the number of players that would have been uncomfortable around him. It became worse when Kerry tried to do damage control by saying that Kim K’s baby could be his, and making up the story that he was getting married. He thought he was making it better for himself but he wasn’t. His own friends even ratted him out and said that all his stories were lies and he was just trying to cover up his own ass.

    Yea, some gay guys finish last. The athletes definitely do. Man I feel sorry for them. I think they have it the hardest. Entertainers can thrive forever, but in sports contracts eventually expire. I hope he gets signed. The only way that will happen is if a safety goes down or if a team is in desperate need of help at that position.

    1. Yep that’s the sports world. U can be a damn coke addict or a rapist and they sweep it under the rug but let someone have a gay secret and it’s curtains for them. I still remember the Super Bowl gay comment and how it was downplayed quickly.

      I pray Kerry sees this some hoe and sees all the support he has

    2. Kerry didnt make up the wedding story some guy on twitter made it up.As for Kim K story its possible he made a joke about.But he immediately denied the possibility of being father on IG.Peanut deleted His NFL Kerry IG so hopefully Kerry contacted his lawyer

      1. yep, I feel like that Kim K comment he made was a joke made to his friends that was taken completely out of context. Everyone makes jokes about Kim and her alleged promiscuity, and I’m sure Kerry was just messing around. I doubt the comment was an attempt to clear suspicion of his own sexuality.

      2. NFL doesn’t care about Kim K joke.Kerry’s situation is different from other players who have been rumored to be Gay because of the intimate pics and Peanuts multiple interviews.No other player has a man publicly state that they have had a sexual relationship with the player.Also since Peanut started talking Kerry nor his reps have ever denied anything he has said .Kerry is blacklisted because they believe he is Gay.Period.It is also the reason why no Gay player has or will come out this season.The writing is on the wall.I agree with you that his NFL career is probably over but I HOPE we are both wrong.

        1. ^yeah I was wondering about the four players who were suppose to come out!
          peanut has shown me there are a lot of evil people out there.
          im sure a lot of baller wolves have updated their non disclosures and the foxes they are messing with just got a whole lot of #newrules

  10. As a disreet gay man, not only does this scare me but it concerns me. This queen literally is taking joy in this man’s misery. He hasnt even said why Kerry dumped him in the first place. Has anyone notciced his story has changed every single time he has interviews? First he says he didn’t out Kerry and then he says he wants Kerry to come out. He said Kerry made him look like a fool denying he was gay, but then he says he knew Kerry was gay and didn’t want to expose him when they were together. He is the enemy here! He is making a mockery out of Kerry’s trust and that is the slap in the face. Kerry was good to him and he continues to disrespect this man. Anyone who takes Hollywood’s side is filth. That little bitch has a world of karma coming to him.

  11. You know it’s bad when they won’t even put Kerry on the Raiders lol Well he can join Chad, Terrell, and Braylon on talent being wasted for Instagram and reality shows. FYI: good blog here. This blog isn’t like others and the people who comment are intelligent. Super fan!

  12. You know it’s sad to say this but I see why when a black athlete come out they go for other ethnicities. Any time when u have people like peanut willing to sale your business for a double quarter pounder meal it kinda reflects on us all

  13. I wonder if the only reason why Kerry hasn’t tried to put an end to this is because peanut is holding some type of major incriminating evidence, and Kerry knows it? I just don’t understand. Whatever the case is, my heart and prayers truly go out for him. It’s just a cold thing. Smh.

    1. I used to think he may had a hidden camera sex tape but why wait all this time , almost six month since story broke?

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