Why Gucci Mane Trying To Fight Someone In Lenox Mall?

gucci-mane-booking-infoyou see that face?
its the face of big foot.
its the face of a killer.
so why gucci mane starting fights in public now?
someone taped him about to throw his belly hands in the lenox mall…

tumblr_m5fpdeaMhc1qf4qpho1_500… is he pregnant?
he look about 8 months.

lowkey: so his credibility shot after that ( x twitter rant ), huh?

source: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Why Gucci Mane Trying To Fight Someone In Lenox Mall?”

  1. Is that dude trying to go to jail for hitting someone who is pregnant, poor Gucci, I hope his baby is ok and didnt get harmed. This country has gone to hell, when a pregnant man cant go to the mall in peace, whether he is a celebrity or not. I wonder do people come up to Rick Ross when he is shopping for bra’s trying to harass him.

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