1. The Man

    I don’t believe it. Who would fuck Gucci? Nicki Minaj sure wouldn’t. Tyga instagram is disgusting lol. He’s so corny, but he’s real cute tho.

    • AJ2FLY

      I would have to disagree b/c it would make perfect sense if Gucci can put it down like that. Not saying that it’s true but it is a possibility. Think about it, what if Gucci is like a lowkey superhead. From what I understand, word travels fast in the entertainment industry. So what if he slept with one and she went and bragged about it and another followed. And everybody thinks that they are safe from anybody finding out, b/c if he did go public (like he has) ppl will just say “nobody wants him. he’s ugly and he’s not even relevant anymore” I’m not saying that it’s true but I’m definitely not denying it.

  2. Ke

    I believe it. Gucci kind of put nick on in her earlier work (mix tapes). Nick lies about plenty. Perfect example is her hype man thats she is actually engaged to but never admits. I’m a true fan of her but she lies for the money like most. I just find it ironic that a few years back all of them was nothing while Gucci was on top. Now look. Music business is quick to switch up.


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