Congrats! You’ve Been Banished!

in life,
you will not get along with everyone.
there will be times you will beef with certain folks you meet.
it’s normal.
this whole mo’nique issue made me sit and think about being blackballed.
with so many sensitive personalities nowadays,
it’s easy for someone to have you eradicated from what you love.
you gotta cater to their fragile egos in fear you being ruined.

the manager vixen who wants to make all the males her bitches
the gay supervisor that can get catty if you don’t flirt back with him
the snow wolf who is borderline racist but tolerant to an extent

even working a simple 9 to 5 with some of these managers and supervisors.
i had to wonder

How do you really get banished?

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“You Can’t Sit With Us,” Says The NFL to Kerry Rhodes?

kerryrblacklistit puzzles me why kerry rhodes still hasn’t found a team.
nfl season has started and not one peep or try out.
what is really going on?
i was reading an article on deadspin that implies kerry may have been blacklisted.
it leaves the question:

Will kerry rhodes ever play professional football again?…
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Learn To Pick Your Battles?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.28.55 PMi have been getting emails about this whole b scott/bet drama.
it has blown up pretty crazy since that night.
i’m on the fence with this entire issue
here’s why…

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Sidney Starr Is A Natural Born… Liar?

sidney starr,
our favorite attention whoring transexual,
took to WSHH to admit she was fibbing.
*gasp* total shocker.
my day is now ruined!
i guess she realized her 15 minutes ran out a while ago and the clock broke.

ready for the video?

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