Congrats! You’ve Been Banished!

in life,
you will not get along with everyone.
there will be times you will beef with certain folks you meet.
it’s normal.
this whole mo’nique issue made me sit and think about being blackballed.
with so many sensitive personalities nowadays,
it’s easy for someone to have you eradicated from what you love.
you gotta cater to their fragile egos in fear you being ruined.

the manager vixen who wants to make all the males her bitches
the gay supervisor that can get catty if you don’t flirt back with him
the snow wolf who is borderline racist but tolerant to an extent

even working a simple 9 to 5 with some of these managers and supervisors.
i had to wonder

How do you really get banished?

insulting someone
too much attitude

there are many ways that someone can shut your whole shit down.
sometimes it’s the small stuff that you don’t realize.
you don’t cater to someone’s ego like they are use to and down you go.

it’s sad that we have to add this in our career advancement woes.
when you are black,
it’s even worse.
you can be nice as hell,
smile like something off a beauty pageant,
but be dismissed by that one hyena or jackal doesn’t like you.

when i write on the foxhole,
i give my honest opinion on various topics/people.
whatever i font on here,
i’d probably say it to someone’s face.
i’m always open to being corrected if i’m wrong.
never disrespectful tho.
i know the art of being nice,
but still being honest.
some out here are just rude af and will try to hurt feelings.

that’s a no-no.
even in being fired from the jobs i’ve had.
i don’t slander my bosses or go out of my way to make them look bad.
weirdly enough,
they have done that to me.

there are many ways someone can have you banished.
as we can learn from this mo’nique saga,
sometimes the best complaint is none at all.
“let go and let God”.
does this mean we shouldn’t speak out against anything/anyone?
the “oprahs”,
“lee daniels”,
and “tyler perrys” of the world are off limits?
do we have to play the game in order to win?
and is it even right to give your honest opinion?
or is better to lie?

so i had to ask the foxhole

What do you have to do to REALLY avoid being banished?

lowkey: how do charlamagne,
wendy williams,
howard stern,
perez hilton,

and others avoid the “blacklisted” plague?

9 thoughts on “Congrats! You’ve Been Banished!

  1. i love these comments.

    i feel sorry for those who played office politics and ended up getting nowhere.
    or they played it,
    and then someone can along that was deemed “better” and their careers went nowhere.

  2. You get banished when you don’t play the office politics. Like I tell people that do engage in that garbage, I like the person I see in the mirror and I can hold my head high knowing my nose is not up someone’s ass to get ahead. If I gotta do that, I’d rather leave than smell like shit.

  3. We have to stop trusting people because they say we can trust them. When people show you who they really believe them.

  4. Read the 48 Laws of Power and it schools you on how to handle adversaries and those in positions above you.

    Sometimes being covert and even fake is necessary in the work place.

    If this is your passion and livelihood you have to do what’s necessary to get where you want to go.

    I don’t do that black solidarity in the workplace thing unless it’s in the culture there, otherwise you can get it just as easily as white people.

    These old black people will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat to keep their benefits and middle management jobs.

    1. ^i’ll add that to the “read” list.

      the crazy part is,
      how do you even know if someone is being fake with you?
      who is real and who is fake af nowadays?
      whats the point of even meeting new people?

      1. My father was a politician once. He gave me some good advice ” there those who live the world who see it as it should be regardless of how it is. The problem with that thinking is thw ones that run the world want it to be a whole nother world. You gotta understand everything is just business for them, even if it seems like they are your friend. They only deal with you because it is to an advantage for themselves.” Your best bet is to figure out an advantage for you.

  5. Aye man it is what it is! People get off on power tripping sometimes. If you come across somebody that behaves like this towards you its best to check your behavior and it definitely not you press on. A fool and their power will soon be parted. Karma is slow thwse days but it always come. Just make sure if you are ever given power remember how you were treated and make sure you don’t behave in that same manner.

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