Brandy Norwood Is The New Clapack Queen

brandy is acting weird af.
i don’t know what has been happening,
but i hate seeing my vixen so unhinged.
she been doing some questionable stuff.
the “monica” lowkey draggings was the first eyebrow raise.
her social media rants/shots gave me the blank stare.
that one situation with the “boy is mine” drawing had me at “huh???”.
well she performed at a recent concert and called out her ex fiance,
ryan press.
she also threw in a drag at his new vixen,
selita e. banks.
this is what went down via the shade room

all this confusing behavior would make for a great album.
throw your heart,
and crazy up in the sauce.
i don’t understand what is up with her.
any “brandy foxhole” with an explanation?

lowkey: i enjoy her snaps tho.

18 thoughts on “Brandy Norwood Is The New Clapack Queen

  1. I just saw a snap of her and she was acting weird listening to “Lover For Life” by Whitney. Something is not right in the head of Ms.Norwood

  2. Brandy is one of my all-time favorite singers, but yeah… I had to unfollow her over the past year or so. I really don’t like the person I was seeing. I feel like she’s been in a really weird space for the past few years after Whitney died. I remember watching her on Oprah: Where Are They Now? and thinking she really needs to heal.

  3. I think she just needs a good mollywhopping. I think some times people get a little out of their lane every once in a while and just need to be kindly directed back to it. lol And a good ass whopping usually fixes the situation.

  4. I think it’s good…Brandy is HUMAN and for many years was the quiet one whenever folks poked, prodded and assassinated her character. for many years she was the one who took the high road, almost like Beyonce. But after many years and finally realizing “I’m a grown ass woman” she’s speaking her mind. Sometimes after years of painting a pretty picture and etc you have to accept reality and i dont want a celeb who’s always pristine or perfect because that isn’t real. I was the person for years who always keep it classy, always refrained from certain words and etc because i didn’t want to ruffle any feathers or anything. However as time went on that changed and the man i am today grew as a result.

    Give me raw emotion, give me honesty and as an artist my respect for you will soar and also like Y Collette said not everything in the music is a direct correlation to the artist….

  5. Did I miss something did she say this was about her ex? Was she even involved in writing this song? Singers sing stuff all the time that has nothing to them.Examples one of my favorite Beyonce songs “Irreplaceable” which was primarily written by Neyo before he even got into the studio.
    I am not a Brandy Stan but I know sometimes these gossip sites be reaching when they assume a song, comment, tweet is about a certain person.
    As for her new Bae I don’t trust him I saw a pic on Lipstick Alley of him with Michelle Williams(DC).She seemed to be flirty with him in the caption.She deleted the pic.
    So was he talking to Michelle? There seems to be some overlap.

  6. Well besides from her recent troubles with her new bf Brandy had been this way for awhile and I think it’s because she’s doesn’t like where her career is. It’s no secret that She’s not confident in herself since she’s not where she once was. These young kids nowadays don’t want to listen to Brandy I think it may be hard for her to realize that her prime was in the 90s of the early 2000. Not to mention that her brother is more relevant nowadays to the younger generation this she is not to mention that her brother is more relevant nowadays to the younger generation this she is.

    To me there is a level of bitterness to her now because of this.

    P.S. I don’t want anyone thinking that what I wrote above was a read towards Brandy. I love Brandy and I think she is super talented and has always been a great singer. these are just the things that I have noticed over the past few years.

  7. I thought I was the only one noticing how weird she has been. I know she said she found confidence and she’s definitely feeling herself. But the pettiness she has showed lately has me looking confused.

  8. Her new man she has now is supposedly is using her as a pr stunt because he has a white women and kids that I saw on fameolus!!!

        1. ^hold on…
          i just fainted.


          well i thought he was gonna end up being an alleged gay,
          but this is just as interesting.

    1. I don’t think she’s being used

      Most likely an arrangement where she’s helping to put him on

      Very common among celebs

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