Did Earl English Kill Himself or Was He Killed?

everyone say goodbye to earl english.
according to the f-bi who sent me the story,
he was really popular on “jack’d”.
it was looking like he killed himself,
but dekalb police in atlanta are saying he was murdered.
peep the following from projectq

A gay DeKalb County man was found shot and killed in his Decatur home on Tuesday with a bag wrapped around his head. 

Earl English, 28, was found on the floor by DeKalb police officers when friends called police after he didn’t show up for work on Tuesday. English worked for an unidentified business in Midtown and was last seen at an LA Fitness in Midtown on Monday evening with a man named “Antwaun,” according to an incident report from the DeKalb County Police Department. 

When three co-workers and friends couldn’t reach English on Tuesday – despite seeing him be active on social media, where he identified as Earl Braxton – they called police to check on him.

They met police about 10 p.m. on Tuesday outside the home English rented on Northstrand Drive in Decatur. The house was locked with blinds in the windows closed. English’s 2015 Chevy Camaro and 2011 Dodge Charger were parked in the driveway, according to the incident report.

One of the co-workers also told police that on Monday, English told her that he didn’t want to live any longer and sometimes carried a gun, according to the incident report.

Two police officers found English when they opened the front door.

“I observed a body slumped over behind the door. I observed a plastic bag around the body’s head,” Officer M.T. Winchell wrote in the incident report. “I observed slight blood on the victim’s arm and a bullet projectile next to the body.”

Police also found kitchen cabinets open, items scattered across several rooms in the house and the living room television still on.

A DeKalb police spokesperson told Project Q Atlanta that the investigation into English’s death is ongoing and that detectives were still piecing together a motive for the homicide.

in my head
he allegedly met some wolf off a chat site or at the gym.
they went back to his crib and something went down.
suspect allegedly killed earl and then proceeded to rob him.
i say that because earl had two cars.
suspect allegedly tried to make it look like a suicide.
that is stupid because you’re either gonna:

a) suffocate yourself
b) shoot yourself

this is all in my head as to how this went down.
i watch too much id channel.
how was he still online tho?
did they steal his phone to make it look like he was still alive?
this is a very scary story.
if this a “hook up gon’ wrong”,
i keep telling the foxhole do hotel rooms.
if this is “jealousy gon’ wrong”,
stop posting your whole life on snap and ig stories.
i’m curious to find out the resolution on what happened.
keep me posted f-bi as this story develops.

lowkey: they need to find “antwaun”.
although the f-bi ponders if he staged his own death to look like a murder.
what would be the point?


article taken: projectq

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Did Earl English Kill Himself or Was He Killed?”

  1. The whole online thing baffles me too…perhaps it’s jus circumstantial that he had suicidal ideations (and apparently conveyed them to a confidant) and he was murdered by possibly this Antuan character…but yeah why would he feel the need to stage it?…disturbing 🙁

    1. ^the messy apartment looks like a robbery.

      i want to know how was he still online.
      was he dead and the jackal was on his phone?
      sad story and i hope his family/friends can get an answer.

  2. Dating is so scary now. You can’t even get your rocks off without someone allegedly trying to kill you.

  3. This is scary. Hookups gone HORRIBLY wrong!! I agree with you about doing hookups at a hotel or motel.
    I would never bring an unknown person to my home. I don’t do hookups though. You never know who you’re dealing with! The person, and it can even be someone you know, can be acting sane one moment…and flip the next.

    It sounds a bit too strange for suicide. If there was plastic over his head, was it tied off top suffocate him or did the person just hold it on his head until he died? Was the gunshot before or after the suffocation? Was it a flesh wound or a serious one? I watch too much ID too, J! LOL

  4. This is so sad, may he Rest In Peace.

    I’m glad his friend is putting some truth to the matter. He could have been killed from someone off jack’d or anyone. I’m not judging the guy for being on there and hooking up with people because I’ve done it before. Just because you live in a “gay metropolis” like a Atlanta (as the public like to make it seem) doesn’t mean it’s easy to meet people.

    Do you think that the news would put out the story instead of getting all their facts straight is sad. It just seems like they saw that the guy was gay and saw that he was on a gay hook up app and decided to just run with it . Because it’s happened before to gay men on these apps and A big part of the public thinks of gay men as sexual deviants anyway.

  5. This is absolutely crazy! Why are folks being murdered like this in their own home? I immediately took interest to Earl because we’re both around the same age, and both are New Orleans natives. The story just breaks my heart. He was so you g and seemed to have everything going well for himself. If someone did murder and rob him for what it’s worth, I hope the police find them and they pay for what they did. I don’t know the full story. Folks are now saying that he possibly may have committed suicide? Not sure, but if he did, fix it Jesus. If someone murdered him, regardless of if it was an accident, I pray that it haunts you for a lifetime and you decide to turn yourself in. What a tragic loss. I will continue to monitor the story. My heart goes out to his family. This could’ve been me or you. To his mother, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I’m very close to my mother as well. To be so far from your child, drive all the way to Atlanta, and find him dead inside of his home is insane. I would never put a mother, let alone a family through that ordeal. God bless you all.

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