The Gay Hyena Who Is Suing His Father Over Spending His Lottery Money

just look at it.
it literally turns me on.
so i always like to ask everyone:

What would you do with the money if you won the lottery?

some of the answers are very surprising.
well this gay hyena is suing his father for lottery wins allegedly owed.
peep this nonsense via gay star news

A gay son is suing his lottery winner father for more money after he spent the gift of £1.6 million.

Michael Dawes, a 32-year-old former Navy sailor, said his father – who won £101 million in the Euromillions in 2011 – showed ‘arrogance and ungenerosity of spirit’.

Dawes and his partner demanded the court enforce his parents to give him money for the rest of their lives.

He claimed his father told him he would ‘always be looked after’, according to The Independent, and made a series of life decisions based on this.

But Dawes’s mother-in-law said she and her husband expected the £1.6m to last the pair for life.

Instead, he and his partner bought a £550,000 house and spent between £20,000 and £30,000 each week, including £1,000 on their weekly groceries. They ran out of money by 2013.

His mother-in-law told the couple to ‘stop going to the Ritz for lunch and go to McDonald’s instead,’ according to the Daily Mail.

Dawes and his partner James were also cut out of the couple’s will.

The judge eventually ruled in favor of the lottery winner and his wife, saying: ‘Michael was provided with the funds to have a comfortable life, but for his own reasons he chose not to take that opportunity. Therefore, I dismiss this claim.’

i predict a break up in the coming future.
“being broke after being dumb asses” is a relationship killer.
sidebar: was she not looking at the father in that picture like:

“ima suck your dick good tonight”

in my honest opinion,
the only real way to really appreciate a lottery win,
is to:

have some money thru a job
be broke
struggle like fuck
win the lottery

you have to experience the struggle life to truly appreciate a lottery win.
even getting a large sum of money as a gift.
you will be frugal af.
how the fuck is $1,000 groceries a week brilliant?
another thing:


you can’t live off that money for the rest of your life.
it has to constantly make more money.
that would be the perfect opportunity to find a career/business goals.
it’s no surprise lottery winners become broke after a few years.
this is another story as to how.

lowkey: what happened to that one black she-hyena who was  a mess after winning?
she tried to upgrade her jailbird jackal and all this other nonsense.
is she broke yet?

article taken: gay star news

9 thoughts on “The Gay Hyena Who Is Suing His Father Over Spending His Lottery Money

  1. So u purchase a 1/2 million $ home and when next year’s property taxes come knockin, then what?…stupid!

  2. Fuck him!!!! It’s hard for me to have sympathy for grossly irresponsible people.

  3. I feel no sympathy for the son smh

    I always said if I ever won the lottery I would not want it to be public knowledge. I would actually give them a portion of the money to not make that shit public. I would of course take care of my immediate family and that’s about it .

    I would definitely go back to school and probably help one or two of my friends with the same dream. Get my dream body, laser hair removal for life, Buy a house with some land (a simple one don’t need anything crazy).and travel travel travel.

  4. You know what J, some people that come from nothing and win the lottery don’t know what to do with that money, and most end up broke again. They give it away, squander it on foolishness, or are killed for the money. It’s crazy what people will do with/for money. I would have a party for my closest friends and family members (not all of them are sharing the wealth), bless them with a little something…and my ass is gone!
    Destination unknown to most. I would only tell my mom and one of my brothers, because my other siblings can’t keep a secret to save their lives.

    I also wonder about that fool spending her money bailing her baby daddy out of jail. His ass would’ve been left in there after the second arrest. Sorry boo, you’re on your own. Watching them on Iyanla was sad.
    As that saying goes, a fool and their money shall soon part.

    1. ^baller wolves are a perfect example.

      i would have everyone sign contracts before i made my exit lol
      don’t even contact me once the money is done.

      1. Oh, make no mistake, they would be told once it’s gone…you ass out! You don’t get anymore, so spend WISELY!

      2. Yes! Baller wolves are the perfect example. I don’t think they truly understand that they are an injury away from those big ass paychecks. Many really believe that they are invulnerable. And then once you are injured, you’re damaged goods…and the team is looking for your replacement.
        “It’s not personal, it’s a business decision” is the line they use. GTFOH LOL

        These kats better wake up!

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