Tyler Perry Gets On The Horn for Mo’Nique

well i’m impressed.
i guess “talk yo shit” is making a strong come up.
mo’nique been talking and now she is getting apologies as well.
so according to mo’nique,
allegedly tyler perry is the first to reach out to her.
this is what she said via her periscope

starts at @5:25:


that is very big of tyler perry.
she also addressed everyone who was telling her to stay silent as well.

What is talk about “taking chains off” tho?

she is acting like it was a racist situation.
she got into it with three powerful black individuals in hollywood.
she has also talked about it before,
but the way she said it this go round caught everyone’s attention.
she told them to suck her dick.
i mean…
i’m confused with that part.
either way,
i’m glad she got closure from tyler perry’s end.
let’s see if oprah and lee daniels follow suit.

low-key: why does she remind me of andrew caldwell?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Gets On The Horn for Mo’Nique

  1. We have to understand the new world in which we live were social media rules. The game has changed, many people are saying that she is done, stick a fork in her its, career suicide, but I dont think so. We have so many platforms now to view people that she can make a lucrative living without Oprah, Tyler or Lee. She may have to work twice as hard and take less but she will be okay. Look at all the television shows that appeal to our people, they are for the most part-negative, ratchet, and constantly show people cursing out each other, fighting, etc and that is just the Vh-1 lineup, so it is not hard to see that fans of these shows will still support Monique no matter what and even applaud her for this type of behavior. Monique was a comedienne first and she can always book shows, she has a large working class fan base, the same people who supports the Tamia’s, the Stephanie Mills, the Tanks, all the other Black talent that mainstream dominant white culture has no use for. I saw Wendy put her two-cents in but here is the thing, the Wendy’s, Oprah’s, Tyler’s they are all on shaky grounds, their audiences are changing and none of them are the titans that they once were and if whites abandon them, they will be has been’s as well so they all have to play the white man’s Hollywood game to stay on the field. You have a whole community of Blacks who support Monique and how she is doing this, many Blacks are tired because they see others who play the game still get shitted on by White society. This latest thing has garnered her more publicity than anything she has ever done since winning the Academy Award. She is coming off as too much and is getting close to Aunt Viv territory but you have so many people who are broken and bitter and they identify with her and they will support her.

    Another thing is we dont know what Monique has in the bank. She could have saved and invested her money well, she talks like she has cash money in the bank and gives no fucks. I can even attest to just doing small investments in the stock market with huge dividends that have benefited me well and Im just a working class stiff with a 9-5, so someone who had her income potential when she was making money could be doing really good. Show business is such a fickle business and even the best and most famous stars diminish over time. The real money is in producing and owning content and Monique may have some behind the scene businesses that earn her money.

    If the husband really is a aint shit type of Fukk Boi she can even capitalize on that by writing a book and going on tour of how she was manipulated. Monique seems like she has been through a lot and is no pushover. It is going to be interesting to see how this all turns out.

    1. ^this is an amazing comment tajan!!!!
      this makes a lot of sense.
      it seems safer to be a “mo’nique” then.
      the underdog fans stick with you.
      one wrong move for the wendys and oprahs and it’s a wrap.

    2. Last June they owed almost $400K to the federal government for unpaid taxes for the years 2013 and 2014.The IRS filed a tax lien on them according to AJC.com.Now she may have had the money and was just one of those celebs who like to ignore the IRS.😂

      You are right she has her loyal fan base who will attend her comedy shows.

      1. I always wonder how do these tax liens work, are they for multiple years and they just file the lien in a particular year. Because if she owes 400K on unpaid income, her income had to be in the millions for those years and I dont remember her being in anything doing those years that would generate that type of income, but so many entertainers who are worth a lot on paper have had tax liens. I have heard many times these liens are for businesses that they have and not on their personal wealth, I am sure at this income level it is some tricks of the trade that normal people dont know. I think I am going to do some research on how this all works.

  2. He apologized. Doesn’t mean he’ll ever work with her.

    Obviously she likely won’t work twice as hard or for less now if she wouldn’t do it when she was nominated for an Oscar.

    I’d let her run her mouth on periscope…for free, while I continue to be successful and booked.

    1. I agree.
      If I was in her shoes. I would have promote the hell out that movie, so I can keep working.
      people can stay that I’m kissing ass.
      the way I look at it, I want be homeless nor would I be broke.

      1. Exactly. Sorry if I don’t have much sympathy for someone who had the opportunity to do big things but let their ego get in the way.

        Meanwhile the rest of us punching a time clock and paying Sallie Mae every month like we paying child support…with a damn degree.

        Bye Monique.

        1. you better preach.
          people are missing the whole point of the matter.
          this is not about Oprah or lee.
          this is all about she didn’t get her way,
          another thing people fail to understand is that the studio’s control the money bag not Oprah.
          people can disagree with me that find,
          but Monique is mad at the wrong people, the people she really mad at she know they are the ones she really fear the most.
          that’s the president of these studio that green light these movies.
          soon as people understand that this got nothing do with Oprah, Tyler or lee. soon they will get a better understanding what’s really the underline problem.

    1. she’s been hurt by these 3 people and she was visibly upset due to some very personal things that went on behind the scenes that no one has known about until now. if i was her, i’d want to be heard too. especially if people who don’t even know me are making up lies about me.

  3. I watched both rants/periscopes. There are points she made that I agree with. She does have a loyal fan base shes naturally funny and if you think her ego got in the way of her possible success/opportunities (I see your perspective bc at the time I thought that too) but she felt like she wasn’t getting paid her worth and there was more to the story on top of rumors/labels people gave her. Regardless she spoke HER truth

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