Brandy Norwood Is The New Clapack Queen

brandy is acting weird af.
i don’t know what has been happening,
but i hate seeing my vixen so unhinged.
she been doing some questionable stuff.
the “monica” lowkey draggings was the first eyebrow raise.
her social media rants/shots gave me the blank stare.
that one situation with the “boy is mine” drawing had me at “huh???”.
well she performed at a recent concert and called out her ex fiance,
ryan press.
she also threw in a drag at his new vixen,
selita e. banks.
this is what went down via the shade room
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Sage The Gemini Is A Bad Wolf and Gets Some Leakage

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 8.28.51 PMi like his hair like that.
well who knew sage the gemini would be in such a heart warming scandal.

he needs some kind of “edge”.
so as you know,
or don’t,
sage the gemini is currently dating jordin sparks.
its cute.
would be better with me but whatever.
anyway so it seems like allegedly sage was still texting his ex fiance,
“curriculum” hurley.
oh wait,
her name is curium.
how the hell do you pronounce her name?
well apparently he proposed to her this past january,
but jordin was the one who ended up getting chose.
still didn’t stop our sage from wanting some cooch tho.
how did we find out?
the shaderoom posted all the text messages for review…
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