Mo’Nique Is Angry and Wants You To Be Angry With Her

so last night,
well this morning rather,
i watched the entire monique/sidney radio show.
it was like one full hour and i watched it until 4am.
i couldn’t sleep so i decided to give it a go.
so this is the segment and i’ll share my thoughts…

when you’re hurt,
or you’ve been hurt,
it can cause a lot of “bitteration to your situation” a la wendy.
it festers into anger because you feel you have no voice.
well mo’nique is loud af these days.

at this point,
and with all these interviews,
we know that mo’nique is still hurt by what happened.
she is allowed that.
my thing is:

What is the end goal that Mo’nique is looking for?

does she want:

a sorry?
a refund?

more roles?
a take down?

it all seems like a dead end to me.
she is going after 3 of the most powerful in black hollywood.
at this point,
it’s just looking like ranting and raving.
i’ll be perfectly honest and say i’m not feeling her husband.
i understand he is her manager and all,
but he is getting too much mic time speaking on her issues.
from her end,
she isn’t as bad with her explanation of the situation.
on his end,
he is doing way too much “kitchen table talking”.
did he have to mention:

what lee allegedly said about halle?
  what the one director allegedly said to him about what tyler said about mo?
how tyler said he allegedly
runs the snow brigade?
how tyler and lee allegedly
hate each other?

it is all coming off real…
everyone is fake in hollywood and in real life.
i have worked with fakes during my corporate america stint.
we know this.
so is that the end goal?
to point out how fake everyone is and bring awareness?
it’s done…

Now what?

this isn’t doing the reputation of mo’nique any favors.
maybe she is done with hollywood and will go work at a soup kitchen.
i don’t know.
all i know is mo’nique,
and i guess sidney,
are going out guns ablazing.
i hope it will all be worth it in the end!
  if she thought she was blackballed before

15 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Is Angry and Wants You To Be Angry With Her

  1. Somehow I feel there is a lot more to this story. I am trying to read between the lines. The one question that keeps popping in is “Why was She only paid 50 thousand for the movie?That is very low for a seasoned actress, is it not? Something had to be going on even then..

    I am a firm believer in speaking up for myself and if I am going to go public, I am not leaving anything out! In for a penny in for a pound. Something else is going on here and could she have done it differently? I don’t know. I will just wait for the other shoe to fall..

    My Grandmother taught me to stand up for my self and there is a way to handle any problem with my dignity intact. Eartha Kitt Handled the issue with style and grace She spoke on exactly what she was asked to speak on. Left the country and lived good for 11 years. She stood on what she believed.

    1. It was an independent film. That is why she got 50000. She could have turn that oscar into more money of she did the job by promoting the film.

  2. I hope Monique doesn’t turn this into another Janet Hubert “Aunt Viv” vs Will Smith situation.It’s been over 20 years since she was let go from Fresh Prince and she is still bitter.It’s possible she would have had a more successful television career if she had said ,”Yes they did me wrong but I will Let Go and Let God”.Instead she is in her 60s still insulting Will,Jada,Alfonso,etc on social media.
    Be Better,Not Bitter

  3. She is coming off very sad as well as hypocritical because she is one to always preach black empowerment and how we should stick together.
    She can’t think she is ever going to work with white Hollywood EVER. And you attack 3 powerful blacks in Hollywood, what black filmmaker is going to align themselves with her.NONE. Because fear of being guilty by association.

    She just committed career suicide.

    1. ^i agree.
      sometimes “being too real” can damage you.
      it’s okay to speak your mind but you gotta learn to bite your tongue.

  4. You know who I thought about when I saw thia Eartha Kitt. You know when got invited to the White House she Made Ms. Lady Bird Johnson cry discussing how wrong it was for her husband to send the brightest of our country off to fight in a war that we had no business fighting. Now she was absolutely right. Just because you are right does not mean you should say it. They black balled the shit out of her. She had to leave the country to work. Now Monique’s situation is not exactly like this because this a matter her not wanting to play a game. She just gonna have to realize that maybe she should have not got into bed with these kind of people and move on. Another group that this happened to was the actors, writers, directors and musicians of the 1950s that were suspected of being communist. Hollywood has always played this game with people’s careers even when they did not deserve it. It really is what it is. So in hindsight she still got her comedy and she can still support her family. Alot of these people in the 1950s did not get that. She gonna have to learn the lesson keep her head up and hustle harder.

    1. ^wow!!!!
      did not know that about eartha kitt!!!
      you’re right.
      sometimes you have to just talk amongst friends on certain issues.

      1. And when they asked Ms. Kitt about embarrassing the First Lady she said “Thats her problem”. Now I really can’t knock her because she was speaking up against something that at time was very wrong. She even got threats from the President himself. So yeah its wrong to blacklist somebody just because this they won’t kiss your ass but I am not sure Monique is in a terrible of a position she still got comedy and people still gonna fuck wit her so she should let it go and never work with again if she does not have to! It could be much worst.

      2. I’m more inclined to believe Eartha Kitt was acting on her own accord where as Monique is dickmatized by her “Kang”.

  5. Like I said before I don’t even like Tyler or Lee, but let’s be clear, they’re powerful in Hollywood period along with Oprah, not just in black Hollywood.

    Monique better learn from Mary J. Blige and Sherri Shepherd. These men will fuck up your career, spend your money, fuck other women, and request alimoney with no shame when it’s all over.

    I don’t know why anyone would be dumb enough to still let someone they’re in a relationship with or related to manage them. They become biased and don’t do the job properly and plus they know exactly how much money you’re making if things go sour in the personal relationship. Get an objective professional with experience.

    Now who’s going to even attempt to work with Monique when her manager is in videos being messy with her?

    Telling all this stuff isn’t going to stop anyone’s cash flow but theirs lol

    1. I don’t think that is his intent. I think he just feels she is worth more than they are willing to offer. Now in reality even Beyonce is not worth to the people what she is worth to herself (stans be nice no disrespect intended). The trick to being in the entertainment business is to some how meet them in the middle where the compromise on your end is not too large. As for her husband managing her nobody had ever has this to say when its a white man managing his wife. He cAn be strong and all that but whenever black men manage their wives or children it some how a problem?

      1. Now in reality she had have done “CAnnes”. Now that stuff about thanking the studio and director and all that crap they can suck it.

      2. Name one white woman that let her man with no management experience manage her career?

        I can guarantee any you name went on to more established management company when their career took off.

        If anything black women trust the wrong black men and put their relationship before their business. No black men do the same lol

        Even white folks play the game in Hollywood so everyone talking that she doesn’t do anything are delusional. Those parties are about exposure, networking, building your profile and if acting is your passion and your craft you should want to do it for the benefits you’ll get later.

    2. ^from that interview,
      you can tell he has some kind of control on her.
      “well let me finish.”
      “yes daddy.”
      i was like what in the fuck????
      it was a big mistake even letting him manage her like you said.
      you don’t let the person you’re fucking get involved with your finances.

      as far as her Hollywood career…
      she might be cooked.
      their is too much evidence to show how messy she and the hubs can get.

      1. Celine Dion And Pat Bentar. Beyonce. Kelly Price. Hell Ushers mom was his manager until he got married the first time. Brandys mother managed her and when she did not it went down hill. You can have family even spouses manage you they kust have to understand the business and be for the unit which is “Husband and Wife.

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