now before we start,
young dro is not wearing a male romper.
that looks to be his usual short set he wears.
it happens to be a matching floral one.
honestly speaking,
i’d rock that to a pool party.

so i’m sure you have seen ever joke about the new male romper.
i don’t have to go into full details about them.
i’ll font tho…

everyone has jokes about something,
until someone shows up swagged the fuck out in said romper,
and then it’s sold out everywhere.
you know a fashion head is going to fuck that shit up.
i’m more confused on what happens when you have to pee?
take a heavy number 2?

you gotta get fully naked in a public bathroom.
that sounds like a lot of hassle in these forests.
so as of right now:

Jamari Fox will NOT be rocking a male romper

…but i won’t clown you if you did.
i’m all for fashionable self expression.
rapper trick daddy,
wants you killed if you are caught wearing one.
this is what he put on his ig via the shade room:

how is that one still making money?
he hasn’t had a hit since…
well if someone gets killed over wearing a male romper,
please refer back to that video.

lowkey: i think young dro is sexy af.

i’m allowed to have a “huh?” in my “to do” list.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Ok so a couple things
    1. You’re absolutely right! Dro is wearing a matching tee and shorts it would be impossible to get into unless there was a zip down the back
    2. It pretty much comes down to fit and styling . Personally I love the denim , Khaki and Army green ones that have been making the rounds online.
    3. Every trend isn’t for everyone , If you don’t like it don’t wear it . I can’t believe that in 2017 masculinity is so fragile rhat it is still threatened by a yard and a half of fabric.
    4 . You won’t be naked in public if you have to pee . The zip goes down to the crotch . All you have to do is zip down and whip it out.
    5. It’s basically a shortened version of overalls . People are just being extra calling them male rompers, brompers, romphims etc.

    1. ^ima have to check out the denim and khaki ones.

      i agree.
      if everyone isn’t rocking with it,
      then why talk about killing someone?
      it’s not like it’s bra and panties over a white t and jeans.

      i think it may look better with someone with a real bawdy.
      i saw a pic of a black wolf in a romper,
      it was button half way down,
      he had chains on,
      but he had chest.
      more of that please.

      1. Lmao!! Yea I think it should hit the knee or 2 to 3 inches above the knee . Also having nice calves helps.

      2. This one is pulled off so much better , the floral one fro is wearing is a lil too bright for my taste.

      3. Everything new is old. Everything old is new. This is just a variation of the 1 pc jumpsuits guys were wearing during the 70s like James Brown except shortened. Most came with various zipper sizes down the front others came with buttons or denim clasps. FYI we made it cool then too.🤓 Hot fabric was denim.

  2. Hit? Didn’t even know he existed, (who TF is this?) it’s unfortunate that it didn’t stay that way,as soon as I heard the scum speak, I turned it off. Don’t have time for amateur randoms who think they’re opinions count for anything or anyone. Fools like this need to spend time trying to fix their own lives rather than telling other people what’s wrong with theirs. Any clown reject who thinks sifting through money on social media puts him in the position to judge others is the epitome of what’s wrong with the Black community/gay community, and society in general. He’s an embarrassment.

    The rompers are…interesting. I’m not loving them, nor am I hating them. I can kind of see it, but I’ll wait until someone kills it, but idk if I’d be able to rock something like that anyway, it’ a bit… out of my reach lol.

  3. An old man coworker was talking about this the other day. He kept saying how “gay” it looked. Each time he said it I cringed. His generation needs to die out already.

    1. He’s old and set in his ways and you want him to die? If you don’t sit down somewhere and be humbled, you might learn something from said old man. Like how to balance your checkbook or how to survive with shit hits the fan. Hell, my grandfather is dead and I had to take care of his old senile ass. He called me “sissy” and “cotton picking hard-headed negro” when I was a child, yeah It hurt, but dammit, I’m nothing to be messed with. So stop playing victim and stand up for yourself! SMH

      1. He has nothing to give society but homopobia, chauvinism and other played out, begotten things from a time long ago. I have taught him more about life in the modern world around him than he has ever taught me about the past. Take your own advice and humble yourself. I’ll pass on the bull shit you spit on an online comment section.

      2. Well said! Thanks for that. Im taking care of my 90yr old Dad. I commend you. It damn sure isnt easy…as much shit he be talking to me, cussing me out etc…I have to ignore him and keep it moving.

      1. Billy B.,

        To say that my comment is bullshit, well let me say this: your perception of life, love, equality, acceptance, honesty, and integrity is bullshit. Plus its too peachy and gullible. On top of that, you could get easily killed. Not saying it wont happen but my point is be careful. We as gay men must be on our guard because there are people that can take our kidness for weakness and take advantage of us. Now with that said, do me a favor and go kumbaya off of this site’s. comment section

  4. Honestly, I don’t like the male romper for grown ass men because it’s for women and little babies. That’s what I have googled in just a few hours. I really hate the romper and really don’t care for it. Young Dro isn’t helping it either because it makes it even worse for him to prove a point. He should’ve just laid low and said nothing. Now let me just say this: STOP THROWING AROUND THE TERM, “masculinity is so fragile” because it’s not. Just shut up and be humble and suck a big fat dick! Damn!

  5. I actually love the idea of it it’s a guy on youtube that I follow who wears a pink one and I thought it looked nice on him ( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Crod_76W8AE6Dnm.jpg ). I bought one in march for my birthday and I actually enjoyed wearing it.

    I hate when things appear to be trendy, especially for men because typically its’ ridiculed til somebody finds a way to wear it and make it hyper masculine. I do however hate the term romphims and etc because they are just close no need to let folks know that you are a man wearing it.

    Jamari have you seen cam newton’s romper what did you think?

    (SN: I do like another one that’s white and has paint splatter on it I think that’s kind of a cute look but I have yet to find the pieces to wear/make it)

  6. It’s crazy how masculinity is always being redefined. The “romper” is really just the female version of a male coverall…dudes used to rock em way back in the day when they worked on trains…mechanics been wearing em.

    Someone decided it would be cute on a woman…and now they wear it. They only wearing it cause a dude made it look fashionable. FRFR.

  7. Haha, I secretly have a thing for Dro too…when he was dating Fanny I was like ugh (I think I was lettin her vibe bleed into his) but every since when I take a closerc second look, he doesn’t appear like the mouf breather I tried to make him out to be….I’d fucks with Yung Joc,sans that ratchet pompadour or whatever sittin on top his head now…

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