King Agu Has The Straight Wolves Testifying To Jesus

my ratchet side would more than “amen” about ^that snack.
so there is a show that everyone has been telling me about.
it’s called “invite only cabo” on bravo.
i saw the previews before i got rid of my cable,
but like most reality shows,
i gave it a “eh”.
well ^that attentionisto,
king agu,
is on the show.
i love to see the attentionistos doing more than their usual.
well now that he is getting noticed,
a big wolf in the gospel community allegedly made his way into is comment box on ig.
this is who and what they allegedy fonted while inside…

that is bebe winans and he obviously has alleged good taste.
sometimes a fine wolf will make you forget who you are.

Isn’t Bebe Winans straight?

…and let’s not forget a gospel artist.
it could be argued that he was admiring king agu’s physique.
the straight wolves,
the ones who are comfortable with themselves,
can throw a compliment about another males deltoids or whatever.

To say “amen” tho?

i feel like if i’m saying “amen” towards a wolf


…but i’m gay and i can do that.
i don’t know what bebe is allegedly up to.
things are changing tho so who knows.

i don’t know if i’m interested in “invite only cabo”…

…as i’m moreso interested in king agu.


lowkey: whats the forests saying about king agu?

31 thoughts on “King Agu Has The Straight Wolves Testifying To Jesus

  1. I tell you one thing, he damn sure is fine. As for Bebe Winans comment..YIKES. Sometimes, it takes a fine man to bring your inner feelings and thoughts out. It will not be the first time someone has been caught under someone’s pictures.

  2. Ya’ll, AGU plays for our team. There is no doubt. In the last year or two has has cleaned up his social media presence. He used to live in ATL, was on the scene, hung out with guys on the scene, had (or has) a GORGEOUS boyfriend. They were always together, moved to LA together, had lots of “this is my #1 bro” type posts. It was never something stated directly, but any social media detective could have figured it out. If you checked who he followed, it was full of gays.

    Now, his page is a lot more ambiguous. Less personal. He deleted most of his pics with friends etc. He doesn’t follow anyone. Mostly fitness and other nonsense. Probably figured his career was going to the next level. I don’t blame him.

    Y Colette, I think that conversation about “him, playing for the other team” will be about AGU. Not the obvious.

    1. ^there are a couple others who cleaned up their social medias.
      now its just pics of them and they follow all work out warriors.

      now it makes me wonder after this breakdown…

      1. Without a doubt. You really have to pay attention with some of these guys. Get them before they make it big. I hate that they have to basically go underground with their sexuality. AGU wasn’t explicitly out, but it was implied. No matter how hard you try, social media will ALWAYS spill the tea. Even if you try to curate a page to perfection. It’s hard to switch from a personal page to a “public figure” page. Those followers stay with you. They know the old you.

        Sigh, these guys don’t owe us any explanations though. They gotta do what it takes to make it in a world that still VERY homophobic. I get it.

    2. I am confused what’s the point in cleaning your SM if you are going to do a reality show with two,possibly three gay guys and risk the possibility of being outed (on the show)? If I was trying to be in the closet or discreet I don’t think I would do the show with this cast.Unless he didn’t know who was going to be on the show.IDK could he be doing the show because he wants to come out? I’m confused AF😂

      1. Exactly Y! lol. Which is why I think HE is the one those chicks were talking about. Maybe he is ok with being “out,” but the show producers wanted him to play the straight game on the show for a while, especially since he doesn’t fit the gay stereotype. This will add DRAMA, thus, RATINGS.

  3. Bravo’s Youtube Channel has a little clip of tomorrow’s episode and Larry is jealous because Bianca was flirting with some guy named Frankie.During the clip she says she is trying to develop a relationship(romantic) with Larry and she doesn’t appreciate the other lady Khamina(sp) telling him that she allowed Frankie to touch her ass.Maybe Larry is bisexual.

  4. jamari, i watched the show & there was this 1 scene where larry & agu were saying that their birthdays r only a few days apart or something n since they met they always celebrate them together. and this chick (the one who thinks larry is str8) was like “wait, what?! i always spend larrys bday w him & i never seen agu.” that had me thinking larry & agu r on that 11 pm – 4 am ish. also yeah, i don’t believe larrys str8 either….sorry boo!!! both v good looking men tho

  5. When I first saw this story yesterday @MTO , I thought “Damn it” another example of the double standards.A straight black guy(BeBe) can’t complement another straight guy(Agu) or “like” a shirtless pic without some people questioning their sexuality.I thought BeBe used the term “Amen” because of his religious background.I don’t know much about BeBe except he is a gospel artist and was a judge on “Sunday Best”.

    Now after reading the comments on here about Agu( and about BeBe) and knowing that Agu deleted this pic from his page.I will be paying more attention when I watch the next episode of “Invite Only Cabo”.😂

    Yesterday I mentioned that in a preview of upcoming episodes there is a scene of the two black ladies on the show talking and one says he plays or bats for the “other team.” (paraphrasing) When I watched it Sunday I assumed she was talking about Larry Sims, now IDK.

  6. Oh well …..It’s Hollywood ….. TEAM LIGHT SKINN needs to be show and Male Stylist House then ones especially have NBA and NFL clients

  7. Agu is SGL. It’s not a secret. He used to live in the ATL. I knew him and his boyfriend at the time. Both gorgeous af, and both very well endowed. #gofigure

  8. he’s fine I just have no plans on seeing the show. lol

    However when them nudes leak tho’ 🙂

    On topic this is weird unless he has a caption that states something positive, which I don’t see, I only post amen on dudes body photos like this when they fine af and I need that praise.

  9. King Agu is my social media crush. I love this dude, he is the kind of dude I want to be with in my head. I dont know what he does or how he gets his money but he lives the glamorous life on the Gram and Snapchat. Nice clothes, choice parties, fine foods, always working out at the in-crowd gym. Actually he does not come off like others, he seems to be pretty humble from what I can see of his personality on social media. I really cant call his orientation though other message boards and blogs have hinted that he gets down. I know at one point him and Steven Beck and a couple of other Attentionista’s were all hanging tough together in LA. Almost like a pretty boy club, on a picture they posted another person hinted that they were “The Real Bottoms of Hollywood” but when you are good looking, the sexuality rumors come with the territory. I’ve noticed many of these new social media boys are very ambiguous about what team they play for but these are the kind of people who fit in good in Hollywood. Da King has some nudes floating around on Tumblr and he is very blessed downstairs, he seems to like to remind us of this from time to time with some of his pictures IG and post on Snapchat.

    1. Tajan, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…it’s a duck. LOL
      This dude is living the high life (more than likely at someone else’s expense), so I’m gonna hazard a guess that he may be an escort on the side, if he isn’t a “personal trainer”. He might escort for women, men, or both. Hell he hangin’ with the Becks, so that’s gotta count for somethin’! LOL
      He may very well be straight…but I’m gonna go with him being Bi.

      1. He is my client, FYI and he is in the real state business. That’s how he makes his money his us not a escort.

  10. I watched the first episode of Inside Cabo and I was confused as Hell. I thought the main guy a celebrity hairstylist named Larry Sims was gay or bisexual (not because he is a hairstylist) but there is a woman on there who seems to think he is straight.There are four guys on the show.Agu runs around the house naked,they say he is well endowed but of course they blur out his junk.The other two guys are gay(Well I think they are) and were shocked when Larry was making out with women.There is a white woman on there and she is a hot mess.I will watch the next episode.

    Interestingly that pic that BeBe commented on is no longer on Agu’s page I wonder when and why it was deleted.

    1. ^wait…

      larry is allegedly straight?
      i’m not trying to do “that”,
      but i thought it was a bunch of gays and one straight wolf (agu).

      i wonder why he deleted it?
      i think there might be a story…

      1. Yeah in a future episode one lady tells the other one that one of the guys plays for the other team(gay).I assume they are referring to Larry since the other two guys are obviously gay.It would be even more interesting if she is talking about Agu.😀

      2. I just listened to a podcast with Larry Sims and Brandi Glanville.He said he has never had a romantic relationship with Bianca and he didn’t know she even wanted a romantic relationship until he watched the show.Brandi asked if he was gay he said that will come out on the show.He also said,”I’m living my truth and he doesn’t like labels or being put in a box”.He said if he were to marry a woman he would marry Bianca because he loves her soul.

    2. IDK why I keep calling the show “Inside Cabo” instead of “Invite Only Cabo”.LOL😂

    3. I passed the episode the other night. I saw the dude walking around naked with his privates blurred, but I didn’t get a good look at his face because it passed so fast, and then that white lady you mentioned was talking…and I turned the channel. I was like great, another reality show.

      He’s handsome. But what does he bring to the table besides body and supposed dick?! Another attentionisto with no skills? Lol

  11. After seeing the first image I immediately couldn’t shake that his navel tattoo looks like an infection. I couldn’t view any more images after that.

      1. Yea man. Lol. I looked at it and I can’t not see it as an infection. Lol. It’s giving me the creeps. Cognitively I am aware it’s a tattoo not a rash or something but I can’t unsee a skin condition where his belly button is. Lol. It automatically killed all chances as his sexiness for me.

  12. Lol the pews have long wondered what Bebe’s appetite was for. I have friends that swore up and down that he was ‘down’ but I didn’t see it. WELP. He has some good taste!

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